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Authoring Tool Conformance Evaluations

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The Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG) maintains this page as a repository for informal Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) conformance evaluations. The conformance evaluations may:

For more information on how the conformance evaluations should be used, please see the disclaimer. For information on how to perform an ATAG conformance evaluation, please see the ATAG Conformance Evaluation Process.

Markup Editors

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation(s)
Amaya (W3C) WYSIWYG editor/browser for Unix, Windows. HTML, XHTML, CSS, MathML, some SVG. Source available. Amaya 5.3 to ATAG 1.0 (26 March 2002)
Amaya 2.4 to ATAG 1.0 (3 Feb. 2000)
asWedit (AdvaSoft) Source editor for Unix. asWedit 4.01 to ATAG 1.0 (21 Sept. 1999)
Bluefish (sponsored by: OpenOffice) HTML editor for Unix. Bluefish 0.6 to ATAG 1.0 (1 Oct. 2001)
DreamWeaver (Macromedia) WYSIWYG/source editor for MacOS,Windows.

DreamWeaver 4.0 to ATAG 1.0 (1 Oct. 2001)
DreamWeaver 4.0 to ATAG 1.0 (5 Feb. 2001)
DreamWeaver 3.0 to ATAG 1.0 (13 June 2000)

FrontPage (Microsoft) WYSIWYG editor for Windows.

FrontPage 2002 to ATAG 1.0 with response (17 June 2001)
FrontPage 2000 (Spanish) to ATAG 1.0 (1 Oct 2001)
FrontPage 2000 to ATAG 1.0 (9 April 2000)

HomeSite (Macromedia) Source editor for Windows. HomeSite 4.0.1 to last call draft of ATAG 1.0 (3 Oct. 1999)
HoTMetaL (SoftQuad) WYSIWYG editor for Windows. HotMetal 5.0 to early draft of ATAG 1.0 (25 Sept. 1999)
PageBuilder (Yahoo) On-line WYSIWYG editor for Yahoo Geocities. PageBuilder 2.02 to ATAG 1.0 (10 July 2000)
WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder (IBM) WYSIWYG/source editor for Windows and Linux. Studio version supports (XML, WML, etc.) and linking to Websphere database systems. Websphere Studio Homepage Builder 6.0 for Windows to ATAG 1.0 (1 Oct. 2001, updated May 2002)

Other Markup Editors: Arachnophilia (Arachnoid), Atrax (Winware), BBEdit (Bare Bones), Coffee Cup (Coffee Cup), Composer (Netscape), Dynamite (Astound), Fusion (NetObjects), GoLive (Adobe), FileMaker Pro (Claris), HotDog Professional (Sausage Tools), HTML-kit (Chami.com), ICHITARO Ark (Justsystem (English), JoyHTML (JOSIT), Mozquito Factory (Mozquito), NoteTab (Fookes), PageSpinner (Optima System), WebEditor (Namo), World Wide Web Weaver (Miracle Software), Xeena (IBM alphaworks), XMetaL (SoftQuad)

Database-Backed Tools (Adding a tool to the list)

Includes courseware, groupware, etc.

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation
Blackboard (Blackboard) Courseware Blackboard 5.5 to ATAG 1.0 (30 Aug. 2001)
Notes/Domino Designer (Lotus) Collaborative messaging and e-business application Domino 5.02a to ATAG 1.0 (27 Aug. 2001)
Prometheus ( Blackboard) Courseware Prometheus 5.08 to ATAG 1.0 (4 Oct. 2001)
WebCT (WebCT) Courseware WebCT 3.6 to ATAG 1.0 (27 Aug. 2001)
Other Database-Backed Tools: Aspen / Toolbook (Click2Learn) [Courseware], ClassNet (AIT at IOWA State) [Courseware], Cold Fusion (Macromedia) [Web application development], HyperWave Suites (HyperWave) [Courseware], Lotus Learning Space (Lotus) [Courseware], Topclass (WBT) [Courseware], list of more courseware packages. [Adding tools to this list]

Style Sheet Editors (Adding a tool to the list)

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation
Other Style Sheet Editors: Cascade (Media Design in-Progress), CSS Mill (Patrick Corcoran), Prime Style (Prime Consulting), Sheet Stylist (Hazelhurst), StyleMaker (Danere), Style Master (Western Civilisation), StyleOneStyleSheet Maker (Coffee Cup Software), TopStyle (Bradbury Software). [Adding tools to this list]

Tools with Web Format Saving Option (Adding a tool to the list)

Includes tools that include "save as" or "publish as" web formats as one of their saving options.

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation
Other Tools with Web Format Saving Option: Acrobat (Adobe), Applixware (VistaSource), CorelDraw (Corel), MS Office (Microsoft), Publisher (Microsoft), QuarkXPress (Quark), WordPerfect (Corel). [Adding tools to this list]

Multimedia Editors (Adding a tool to the list)

Includes image, sound and video editors.

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation
CorelDRAW (Corel), Fireworks (Macromedia), Flash (Macromedia), Freehand (Macromedia), Gimp (GNU), GRiNS (Oratrix), Illustrator (Adobe), Paint Shop Pro (Jasc), Photoshop (Adobe), Premiere (Adobe), Producer (Real Networks), Sodipodi (Lauris Kaplinski), WebDraw (Jasc). [Adding tools to this list]

Conversion Tools (Adding a tool to the list)

Product Name (Developer) Comments ATAG Conformance Evaluation
Other Conversion Tools: BeyondPress 3.0 (Extensis) [QuarkXPress to HTML/CSS], RTF2HTML (Xtreme Webware) [RTF documents to HTML], Slidemaker (W3C) [Web page to multiple HTML slides], Tidy (Sourceforge) [HTML to XHTML], W3CSS (Lewis Gartenberg) [MS Word to HTML/CSS], list of more conversion tools. [Adding tools to this list]

Adding to the List of Tools

In order to add a Web content authoring tool to the list of tools, please send an email to Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca> and include the following:

Note: The AUWG reserves the right to determine whether an authoring tool will be listed and to edit the listing at its discretion. To increase the visibility of the tool on this page, consider performing an ATAG conformance evaluation.


  1. The conformance evaluations are for informative purposes, only. The list of tools is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the authoring tools covered by the guidelines. For those products that have been evaluated, the evaluations are not meant to be used as definitive reviews of the products. The evaluations do not represent any endorsement by the W3C, the AUWG, or any members. The evaluations should not be used alone to try to rate or compare product accessibility. The reviews do not necessarily reflect a consensus of the AUWG. Comments on any of the reviews can be sent to the AUWG mail list.
  2. Developers are provided with a reasonable opportunity to comment on conformance evaluations are listed (see the ATAG Conformance Evaluation Process).
  3. The evaluations may be updated by the AUWG at any time. The registry may contain partial evaluations, evaluations of previous product versions or evaluations against outdated versions drafts of ATAG.