ISSUE-660: Implicit labels for region determined by heading and host languages.

Implicit region label from heading

Implicit labels for region determined by heading and host languages.

ARIA 2.0
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James Craig
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#region prose contradicts itself

Authors SHOULD ensure that a region has a heading referenced by aria-labelledby. This heading is provided by an instance of the standard host language heading element or an instance of an element with role heading that contains the heading text.

The prose implies implicit headings (first heading inside region) is sufficient but the RFC-2119 comment explicitly requires aria-labelledby. May also need to add an "implicit” heading determination bullet to the text alt computation.

Update: after re-reading, I don’t think this is conflicting text, but it could still be rewritten for clarity.
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Moving to 2.0 based on teleconference discussion. HTML heading level debate and other related concerns still ongoing.

James Craig, 4 Aug 2014, 17:57:27

overcome by events with labels and regions.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 23 Sep 2016, 15:17:08

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