ISSUE-648: Role computation with native host language semantics

Role computation with native host language semantics

ARIA 1.1
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Richard Schwerdtfeger
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One of the the objectives with ARIA 1.1 and HTML 5.1 is to allow native host language semantics to be able to leverage its native ARIA semantic to avoid having to apply the role attribute. Examples are <tr role="row">. The digital publishing interest group would like to be able to introduce hundreds of semantic roles. Some of these are in ePub structural semantics today and some of these are new, a "comic". Up to now ARIA role values have been limited to values we defined. The semantics dbub-ig is creating can be used for accessibility as well and it does not make sense to use name spaced attributes until they can expose the attribute value. A way to address this would involve a change in the processing rules (a clarification) and an agreement across working groups to expose other values not yet defined in ARIA.

1. If none of the role values in the list of space delimited roles is known by a platform accessibility API mapping default to the host language semantic role. e.g. <section role="comic"> today would map to a role of region.

2. It would require agreement across SVG, HTML5, and ARIA to allow for these values.

3. We have to modify the role attribute to state that a role is not required to apply non-global aria attributes when the native host language meets the required role requirements.
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Richard Schwerdtfeger, 28 Jul 2016, 16:46:04

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