ISSUE-635: Determine if uaig mappings for rowgroup are correct

UAIG rowgroup AAPI mappings.

Determine if uaig mappings for rowgroup are correct

ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
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Test cases in test harness that test some aspect of rowgroup:

Test case 56 (invalid? no grid context for rowgroup):

Test case 381-384:

Test case 577:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 10 Feb 2014, 18:14:37

Example of interactive rowgroup:

Webkit bugzilla:

James Craig's reply:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 7 Jul 2015, 16:52:23

Closing as "won't fix" since we cannot achieve cross platform consensus, and it's unlikely that this will become a real issue.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 6 Dec 2016, 21:02:41

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