ISSUE-569: Introduce an ARIA attribute to indicate a column is sorted

Introduce an ARIA attribute to indicate a column is sorted

ARIA 2.0
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Richard Schwerdtfeger
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The IBM Social Mail team would like to have an additional attribute to indicate that a column is actually sorted by the current value of aria-sort. There are situations where multiple columns can have aria-sort on them and choosing the sort is currently applied. Choosing a sort of by one column can nullify the sort of another. So, it is good to know that the grid is currently sorted the aria-sort value.

The feedback:
"It helps, thanks. In my thought process, when something is a SHOULD, it is recommended. The problem is there is no other way to communicate that you can sort by more than one column. It almost seems like there should be two different properties- this column is sortable, and this column IS sorted."
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doable with technology we have today

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 23 Sep 2016, 13:57:26

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