ISSUE-540: Should the UAIG have a section to describe the API differences

Should the UAIG have a section to describe the API differences

ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
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Andi Snow-Weaver
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Raised by Jason Kiss during the discussion of the OS X mappings for aria-label, aria-labelledby, and aria-describedby.

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If there is a section. It should be about general normalization differences between the APIs. The name and description mappings are just one example. (changing title to reflect that this is not limited to name/description)

James Craig, 6 Nov 2012, 22:13:02

This was hanging out with no product assigned. Sending to UAIG 1.1

James Craig, 24 Jan 2014, 04:19:04

Closed. Going forward with Jason starting a draft, and Joseph encouraging him to attend some of the AAPI meetings.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 20 Jan 2015, 20:14:28

No -- not closing issue, but the related action -- ACTION-1408

Joseph Scheuhammer, 20 Jan 2015, 20:15:14

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