ISSUE-49: Data type and extensibility of datatype

datatype data type

Data type and extensibility of datatype

ARIA 1.0
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Michael Cooper
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The datatype property says the value SHOULD be a QNAME with a value coming from XSL Schema Datatypes (XSD). I changed its value to QNAME in response to this. It also says authors MAY use a custom datatype, but they would be forced to use a QNAME and there is no mechanism for saying what they mean.

In discussion with the editors, the proposal is that the value should revert back to a string or token, in order to avoid problems with QNAMEs in HTML 5. However, the value MUST come from the XSD vocabulary (without the prefix). There would be no provision for custom data types in ARIA 1.0.
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This issue has been superceded by ISSUE-51

Alfred S. Gilman, 20 Jun 2008, 20:37:13

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