ISSUE-481: aria-live removal events should or must happen before object removal

aria-live removal events

aria-live removal events should or must happen before object removal

ARIA 2.0 Core AAM
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Matthew King
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Section 5.8.2 of the UAIG includes the following paragraph with a SHOULD. Consider changing to MUST.

User agents SHOULD ensure that an assistive technology, running in process can receive notification of a node being removed prior to removal. This allows an assistive technology, such as a screen reader, to refer back to the corresponding DOM node being deleted. This is important for live regions where removals are important. For example, a screen reader would want to notify a user that another user has left a chat room. The event in MSAA would be EVENT_OBJECT_HIDE. For ATK/AT-SPI this would be children_changed::remove. And in Mac OS X, the event is AXLiveRegionChanged. This also requires the user agent to provide a unique ID in the accessibility API notification identifying the unique node being removed.
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Matt prefers keeping this on the radar. Let's move to 2.0.

Moving to ARIA 2.0 product since there is no UAIG 2.0 product yet. Will discuss creating new product with Michael.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 27 May 2014, 19:15:30

James Nurthen, 9 May 2018, 23:48:39

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