ISSUE-465: All comboboxes should not implicityly set aria-haspopup=true

implicit aria-haspopup on combo

All comboboxes should not implicityly set aria-haspopup=true

ARIA 2.0
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Matthew King
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The role specification for combobox includes the following note:

"Note: Elements with the role combobox have an implicit aria-haspopup value of true."

The above note requires either user agents or assistive technologies to set the aria-haspopup property on the combobox element even if it is not specified by the web application.

The definition of aria-haspopup is:

"Indicates that the element has a popup context menu or sub-level menu."

The requirement that all comboboxes have aria-haspopup set to true is not consistent with the definition of the aria-haspopup property. The dropdown list associated with a combobox is not a menu. Further, it does not communicate any useful information to assistive technologies. In some implementations, this this requirement is creating distracting screen reader noise.

Proposed resolution: remove the above mentioned note from the specification.
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Richard Schwerdtfeger, 13 Oct 2016, 17:53:44

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