ISSUE-389: No value for valuenow

aria-valuenow in HTML5

No value for valuenow

ARIA HTML 5 Implementation Guide
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Richard Schwerdtfeger
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If you have an element with a provided host language state or property having semantics equivalent to that of WAI-ARIA the host language semantics take precedence. If no value is present, the input should be identified as invalid through the accessibility API. This is equivalent to an implied aria-invalid="true". The user agent MUST then mark the current, max, and min value as invalid by using a value of NULL of NaN if available, or 0 if no value is supplied. This can also be done using aria-invalid as in fact it is invalid.

If a value is supplied and either min or max values are supplied the user agent MUST specify a maximum or minimum value for a floating point number through the platform accessibility APIs.

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