ISSUE-36: preparing for conformance assurance for WAI-ARIA specifications and practices

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preparing for conformance assurance for WAI-ARIA specifications and practices

ARIA 1.0
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Alfred S. Gilman
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Conformance to WAI-ARIA takes checks by different methods and at different points in the pipe. We can help by the way we write the specifications, the tools we develop, and the educational literature and activities that are made available.

This issue is intended to provide a hook for our management of a variety of things we do to support the "check your work" quick tip.

It includes and supercedes the question of "can we make WAI-ARIA pages pass validation?" as in ACTION-62 .

But it also includes what checks and repairs the User Agent might make and what checks and hints the Authoring Tool might make.

For another related action, see ACTION-85

The opening of this action satisfies ACTION-91
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This is an effort to ensure and end to end solution through CR which includes test tools and AT consumption of ARIA. We need to make sure the end to end solution is complete and accurate.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 4 Aug 2008, 20:45:01

Coordination has begun to have dialogs during the TPAC week on this topic.

Alfred S. Gilman, 28 Sep 2008, 18:49:24

This is an issue for Candidate Recommendation regarding implementation compliance, test suites, etc. This is not a last call issue.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 5 Jan 2009, 20:44:14

In 07 January 2009 meeting we agreed to add information to the spec about the sorts of things validators should issue errors / warnings on. This is important because we're removing "author must" statements. The appropriate way to handle this needs to be discussed with a wider set of stakeholders.

Michael Cooper, 7 Jan 2009, 17:40:50

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