ISSUE-1013: Is there a need for an aapi event for aria-errormessage

Event for aria-errormessage

Is there a need for an aapi event for aria-errormessage

ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
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Joseph Scheuhammer
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Do we need an AAPI event for aria-errormessage to indicate that the error message is now visible or relevant, or vice versa has gone away (when, presumably, the user has filled the form control with valid information)?
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Isn't the presence—or absence—of aria-errormessage enough?

Zoë Bijl, 24 Feb 2016, 11:23:48

The question is: how does the AT know when the error message text is relevant?

The spec currently says that aria-errormessage is used in conjunction with aria-invalid; hence, the signal that the error message is pertinent is when aria-invalid is set to true. Setting aria-invalid to true will cause an AAPI event for everyone but UIA [1]. That may be sufficient, although something needs to be done in the case of UIA.

Also, the error message will be shown when it's relevant. That will also cause events in the AAPI [2]. That may also be sufficient.

Then again, it might be very useful to have a specific "error-message-asserted" event that targets error messages only. Dunno.


Joseph Scheuhammer, 24 Feb 2016, 15:25:47

Latest from James Teh:
"If you really do want errormessage to be treated as an entirely separate thing, then I have to change my position on this: we need a new relation and new events. If it's really such a new and separate thing, we don't have to worry about existing AT not getting the benefit." [1]


Joseph Scheuhammer, 29 Feb 2016, 20:07:48


There are already numerous events, tied to live regions, that are adequate (some would say are actually spam).

Joseph withdraws the issue, also.


Joseph Scheuhammer, 7 Feb 2017, 20:46:33

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