ISSUE-1007: aria-errormessage must require that the message be visible

aria-errormessage must require that the message be visible

ARIA 1.1
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Richard Schwerdtfeger
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It is possible to map aria-errormessage such that it leverages the aria-describedby relationship by placing an object property on the target description in the accessibility api mapping. This would allow a separate mapping of a describedby relationship without a considerable change in the accessibility API.

However, in order for the relationship to occur it must be visible as it would be hidden in the accessibility tree and not "stringified".

In principle this should happen as the error message would need to be visible to everyone and often these error messages would be in live regions.

We should also stipulate that the error message not be empty.

This issue came up in the Core AAM mapping spec.
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Closing this issue.

Joanmarie Diggs, 29 Feb 2016, 14:48:30

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