ACTION-2120: UIA: clean up mapping for aria-haspopup

UIA: clean up mapping for aria-haspopup

Bogdan Brinza
Due on:
October 18, 2016
Created on:
October 11, 2016
Associated Issue:
Mappings for aria-haspopup
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Based this on Cynitha's github issue 428 [1], where she wrote:
> add to beginning
> "Expose ExpandCollapse pattern. if aria-expanded is not specified, set
> ExpandCollapseState to collapsed".

I (Joseph) replied:
> Could you give a bit more information? aria-haspopup has a number of values
> -- true, false, dialog, listbox, menu, and tree. I think the only case where
> your suggested text does not apply is "false". Otherwise, add the above
> sentence to all the other cases.
> Right?

Re-assigning to Bogdan.


Joseph Scheuhammer, 11 Oct 2016, 17:49:01

Bogdan Brinza, 4 Nov 2016, 22:07:52

Merged Bogdan's changes:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 24 Nov 2016, 21:04:04

Done with

Bogdan Brinza, 6 Dec 2016, 01:13:17

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