ACTION-2088: Draft some language to clarify spin button children

Draft some language to clarify spin button children

Joanmarie Diggs
Due on:
June 30, 2016
Created on:
June 23, 2016
Associated Issue:
children presentational = true not consistent
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* Limit children or owned elements to a textbox and/or two buttons.
* Authors must manage focus of descendants.
* If the spinbutton has a descendant textbox, it should get focus;
otherwise the spinbutton itself should.
* As a general rule, the buttons should not be keyboard focusable.

Setting state to pending review.

Joanmarie Diggs, 30 Jun 2016, 16:15:33

CfC passed. Committed to master:

Closing this action.

Joanmarie Diggs, 7 Jul 2016, 18:59:43

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