ACTION-1743: Put aria-activedescendant on application and request wg review

Put aria-activedescendant on application and request wg review

Matthew King
Due on:
March 31, 2016
Created on:
November 19, 2015
Associated Product:
ARIA 1.1
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Related notes:

[MichaelC]: this is a spin-off from action-1688 whose approach we decided not to pursue

19 Nov 2015, 18:02:51

[MichaelC]: work with Matt to make it clear elements referred to by aria-activedescendant have a clear context

19 Nov 2015, 18:20:54

New branch. Commit:

Spec view:

* Made aria-activedescendant a supported property of application
* Added a statement (list item 3) under application indicating that
managing focus + aria-activedescendant is an acceptable way for
authors to ensure content inside an application is accessible
* Added mention of this to the existing combobox example in

Joanmarie Diggs, 18 Feb 2016, 17:02:45

Setting state to pending review because it's pending review. Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Joanmarie Diggs, 18 Feb 2016, 17:03:22

CfC on Matt's subsequent work approved. Committed to master:

Closing this action.

Joanmarie Diggs, 19 May 2016, 18:13:27

Display change log.

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