ACTION-1717: Remove the MSAA plus UIA express column

Remove the MSAA plus UIA express column

Joseph Scheuhammer
Due on:
January 15, 2016
Created on:
September 1, 2015
Associated Product:
ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
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See also ACTION-1706 (Cynthia): Compose a statement regarding the "deprecation" of UIA express mappings in the core-aam, referencing the aria 1.0 mapping spec.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 8 Sep 2015, 00:36:41


Removed all MSAA+UIA Express columns from mapping tables, and removed/adjusted examples, notes, and other statements about MSAA+UIA Express columns.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 28 Sep 2015, 17:50:52

Re-assigning to Cynthia for confirmation.

The edits are done (see previous note). Did I miss anything?

Joseph Scheuhammer, 12 Oct 2015, 16:20:14


Removed from the Accname-aam as well:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 5 Nov 2015, 17:02:07

looks fine.

Cynthia Shelly, 4 Jan 2016, 22:25:35

Closing, given Cynthia's last note (4 Jan 2016).

Joseph Scheuhammer, 2 Feb 2016, 16:24:02

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