ACTION-1530: Investigate uia mapping of role="text"

Investigate uia mapping of role="text"

Joseph Scheuhammer
Due on:
December 31, 2015
Created on:
November 11, 2014
Associated Issue:
role text
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  1. PFWG-ACTION-1530: Investigate uia mapping of role="text" (from on 2014-11-11)

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Cynthia Shelly, 11 Nov 2014, 20:23:32

The best mapping would be the Text control type.

However, I the inheritance model of the text role described in the draft makes me very uncomfortable. I think it will be used in error and remove a lot of semantics and behavior from children.

Cynthia Shelly, 18 Nov 2014, 19:41:28

Added "Text control pattern" to the MSAA+UIA and UIA mappings for role="text":

Cynthia, is this okay?

Joseph Scheuhammer, 1 Dec 2014, 14:25:58

Notes from AAPI meeting:

- Treat as role presentation.
- Edge doesn't have multiple Text patterns; the document is a single object (can think of this as a single Text patterns.
- no longer separate text patterns.
- Best to say "not mapped" in the mapping spec.
- Cynthia will look into this, and try to get back to us on the 15th.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 1 Dec 2015, 20:58:56

draft text looks ok. I'm still not comfortable with the inheritance model.

Cynthia Shelly, 4 Jan 2016, 21:58:43

Closing based on Cynthia's comment above.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 8 Jan 2016, 20:21:46

Display change log.

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