ACTION-1519: Determine mapping of aria-colindex and aria-rowindex for ATK/AT-SPI

Determine mapping of aria-colindex and aria-rowindex for ATK/AT-SPI

Joanmarie Diggs
Due on:
December 18, 2014
Created on:
October 15, 2014
Associated Issue:
setsize/posinset on grids/treegrids/trees
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  1. PFWG-ACTION-1519: Determine mapping of aria-colindex and aria-rowindex for ATK/AT-SPI (from on 2014-10-15)

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Thus given a cell or cell-like object (i.e. something with a identifiable coordinates within a table or grid or similar parent container): The object with those coordinates should implement the AtkTableCell interface. It will need to inherit its rowindex from the parent row. Then the values should be exposed via atk_table_cell_get_position().

Related aside number 1, but not necessarily(?) something implementation-guide worthy, it appears that AT-SPI2 is slightly different wrt its interface:

* atspi_table_cell_get_column_index()
* atspi_table_cell_get_row_index()

But the principles are the same.

Related aside number 2: Seems we're missing some docs [1]. I've pinged the maintainer. But proof that the interface exists can be found in the code [2] in the meantime. (Yeah, I know. Sorry. The docs shall be updated soon.)


Joanmarie Diggs, 15 Oct 2014, 20:25:18

While I had completed the task last month, I left this action open until I had platform API documentation I could point to (in particular, AT-SPI2 which had the API but not the docs see previous note).

Docs are now available without having to read the code:

Closing this action as completed.

Joanmarie Diggs, 5 Nov 2014, 18:12:27

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