Bert Bos & Eva Kasal | CSS3 in Style

CSS3 in Style

Cascading Style Sheets

Bert Bos (W3C) <bert@w3.org>
Eva Kasal <Eva Kasal>

Presented at:
Lyon, France
16 April 2012

About the tutorial

CSS is still growing. Every once in a while the CSS working group at W3C publishes a “Snapshot” that describes what is stable so far.

The current one is CSS Snapshot 2010 and contains

This presentation assumes the audience already knows level 2 (and also the style attribute, which is from HTML 4), and treats a selection of features from level 3. It starts with the stable modules (Media Queries, Selectors and Color) and continues with the others more or less in the order from most to least stable.

What is stable is a matter of judgment, of course. It may be that more problems are found with the “stable” modules than expected at this time.

What is clear, however, is that the included demonstrations for modules later in the list work on fewer implementations. Indeed, for all the modules after the break only experimental implementations exist at this time.

About the authors

Eva Kasal is a freelance trainer and consultant, specialized in Web standards and ergonomics of Web sites. She teaches Web design at the Gobelins Art school and at Pyramyd Formations, both in Paris, and also leads on-site Web projects for enterprises. She is based in Paris, France.

Bert Bos is the co-inventor (with Håkon Wium Lie) of CSS and works as an Activity Lead for W3C, currently for CSS and MathML. He is based at the European W3C host in Sophia-Antipolis, France.


Time Topic
09:00 Presentation
09:10 Backgrounds
09:20 Borders
09:30 Multi-column
09:38 Media queries
09:48 Selectors
09:58 Colors
10:01 Fonts
10:06 Break
Time Topic
10:20 Transforms 2d
10:30 Transforms 3d
10:40 Transitions
10:50 Animations
11:05 Grid template layout
11:15 Regions
11:25 Flexbox
11:35 Exclusions
11:45 Questions


The end



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