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HTML 5, a new step

Years ago, Dan Connolly created one of the first HTML validators. Since then, validation is one of the practical techniques to maintain quality of your documents. It is not the only one but one which has a lot of influences on developing a language.

HTML 5 is a specification in development. Many implementers have started to integrate the technology into their own softwares: browsers, parsers, etc. Henri Sivonen has developed a parser in Java for his conformance checking service.

We are happy to announce that W3C has integrated a version of HTML 5 conformance checker into a beta instance of the W3C Markup validator. That will help us to detect bugs, improve the user interface, and benefit from the large W3C communities.

Kudos to Henri Sivonen, Olivier Théreaux, and Yves Lafon.

Filed by Karl Dubost on August 26, 2008 11:41 AM in Bugs Life, HTML, Tools
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Jens Meiert # 2008-08-26

Great stuff, definitely the right signal, truly appreciated!

shadowbacon # 2009-04-07

my professor just taught us about this...how google, apple, nokia, adobe and others are fighting over the new standards

it sounds stupid to me, why not just use OGG, a free standard?

jidanni # 2009-07-13

http://qa-dev.w3.org/wmvs/HEAD/ should say that it is "HTML 5 Ready", by noting the highest HTML version it can handle.

dsugar # 2010-07-22

Hello, how did you innovation html5 if this don`t currently support browsers?

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