HTTP/1.1 Implementor's Forum

This forum should help interested Web application designers and software implementors to gain hands-on experience with the HTTP/1.1 specification. The purpose of the service would be to open up discussions about implementation problems, solutions, traps and work-arounds specifically targeted for HTTP/1.1.

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It is time to get extensive experience on how HTTP/1.1 compliant software and applications perform on the Internet at large. W3C would like to promote the deployment of HTTP/1.1 by providing this HTTP/1.1 Implementor's forum.

HTTP/1.0 Problems

A list of HTTP/1.0 applications that choke or in any way behave in a funny manner when talking to an HTTP/1.1 application.

HTTP/1.1 Test Sites

Origin Servers
Link Contact Notes
Common Lisp HTTP/1.1 Server John Mallery  
Bell Labs Web Server
Bell Labs Test Server
(old) AT&T Bell Labs Server
Dave Kristol  
Jigsaw Yves Lafon Source is available. Direct snapshot of the source tree is available from the CVS repository.
Apache Alexei Kosut Snapshots of the current development version (direct from our CVS repository) are available, if anyone wishes to download a copy.
John Franks See test page for a variety of examples including Digest authentication. There is a page for testing conditional requests depending on last modified date or ETag. A CGI script allows you to update the last-modified-date and change the ETag of this page.
Web Traffic Express
test cases
Mack Phelps for origin server issues. For the origin, use the URL /testcases/ to access the server; / will be redirected to www.software.ibm.com.
Agranat Systems EmWeb Server
1.1 Test Server
1.1 Test Server With No Clock
Digest Authentication Test Server
Scott Lawrence The clockless server does not send Date headers, but does provide enough information for caches to operate correctly.

The Digest Authentication server has some tests for RFC-2069.

Proxy Servers
Address Contact Notes
Yves Lafon Proxy disabled for now, ask if you need to do some testing
Web Traffic Express
Richard Gray for proxy server issues. Uses 1.1 on the origin server side, 1.0 on the user agent side.

Please do not use the proxy to access sites that contain material that could be considered offensive.

Home Contact Notes
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4   Uses 1.1 for direct requests, 1.0 through proxies
IaLib Chris Richardson A C++ framework for building Web clients
RPT-HTTPClient Ronald Tschalaer Written in Java
The Libwww Mini Robot Henrik Frystyk Nielsen A 1.1 web crawling client created using libwww.

1.0 Proxies

Because testing through 1.0 proxies with 1.1 user agents and servers, we are also listing some public proxy servers; our special thanks for thier making them available.
Address Contact Notes
Duane Wessels This server forwards the status line from the response directly, rather than regenerating it as a 1.0 response.

Other Testing Opportunities and Resources

HTTP/1.1 test suite for intermediaries

The Measurement Factory has a comprehensive list of HTTP/1.1 tests related to intermediaries in their product CoAdvisor.

Weekly IETF Interoperability Tests

NOTE, as the HTTP WG is officially closed, this item is irrelevant The IETF HTTP Working Group is coordinating once a week events on which various implementations are made available by members of the group. For information, send mail to httptest@agranat.com.

Testing Content

The data used for recent W3C testing of HTTP performance, with links to the results of those investigations, is available for your testing.

Sample Software

W3C libwww and Jigsaw are free to try out - they both have HTTP/1.1 implementations.

Scott Lawrence,
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