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HTTP/1.1 Test Web Site

This test web site combines data (HTML and GIF files) made available on two heavily accessed Web sites (Netscape and Microsoft) on December 7, 1996. For lack of better words, we call the test site for "Microscape".

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The contents of the test site is strictly intended for testing of specific features in the HTTP/1.1 protocol as described in the paper "Network Performance Effects of HTTP/1.1, CSS1, and PNG", SIGCOMM'97, and is made available as a help to the Web community. Please read the W3C Intellectual Property Notice and Legal Disclaimers carefully before using this test material.

Test Site Description and Setup

The Microscape web site contains a HTML page totaling 42KB with 42 inlined GIF images totaling 125KB. 40 GIF images are static and 2 are animated. The embedded images range in size from 70B to 40KB; most are small, with 19 images less than 1KB, 7 images between 1KB and 2KB, and 6 images between 2KB and 3KB. While the resulting HTML page is larger, and contains more images than might be typical, such pages can be found on the Web.

The top page is called microscape.html or m.d.html in a deflated version and should be made available as


Make sure that your server exports the following content types and content encodings

Content Types and Encodings
File Suffix Content Type Content Encoding











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