Privacy Interest Group (PING)

The Privacy Interest Group monitors ongoing privacy issues that affect the Web, investigates potential areas for new privacy work, and provides guidelines and advice for addressing privacy in standards development, including privacy considerations in specifications.

Requesting PING reviews

See The Guide: How to get horizontal review.

Joining PING

Use the links in the sidebar. If you’re new to W3C, first create a W3C account. Non-members of W3C may then join the IG as public Invited Experts. Please also join the #ping channel on the W3C Community Slack (invite).

Meeting Information

  • Check out the W3C Calendar
  • For updates see also the mailing list or Slack
  • Times in other regions
  • We are using Zoom for the meeting, and some people may use video. The Zoom client is not necessary: click on “click here to launch this meeting”, wait for a moment, and click on “join from your browser”.

Zoom instructions are restricted to meeting participants. You need to log in to see them.

Minutes of Past meetings


Documentation and Guidance

This page is maintained in Github at https://github.com/w3c/ping/blob/main/index.md