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Janet Daly

I joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in February 1999. During my time as Communications Team Lead, it was my job to get the message out about W3C and our work, encourage both media coverage and implementations, help W3C members make connections to Activities and staff, shepherd the Publishing process for our technical reports, and occasionally tell people the difference between the Internet and the Web. I now focus primarily on media relations, under the leadership of Ian Jacobs.

Working at W3C combines the energy and imagination of the best start-up and research environments, but it has its differences. Unlike many start-ups, you're building Web architecture when you start the day. Unlike research environments, working group members from many different (and sometimes competitive) organizations agree to work and develop technologies by consensus, in a vendor-neutral environment.

If you'd like to learn more about W3C, here's a plain language reading list:

W3C in Seven Points
A one-page overview of the Goals, Methods and Results of W3C work
W3C Domain Overviews

W3C organizes its work into Domains. These are:

W3C Activity Statements
summaries of over 20 W3C activities, across the four domains. A W3C Activity is technical area in which the W3C membership and W3C Team dedicate resources.

I'm nearly always available for questions. You can reach me at:

32 Vassar Street
Cambridge MA 02139 USA
+1.617.253.5884 (phone)
+1.617.258.5999 (fax)

Slightly more personal information is also available.

Janet Daly
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