WD-Implementation and Interoperability 20090520

MathML Implementation and Interoperability Reports

Math WG Draft 20 May 2009

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Previous version: http://www.w3.org/Math/iandi/impl-interop20010220.html
Editor: Patrick Ion (MR / AMS) <ion@ams.org>

Status of this document

This is a draft concerned with implementation experience, and interoperability and compliance issues arising from the development of MathML. The previous version was prepared by the W3C Math Working Group in connection with the W3C Recommendation status for the MathML 2 specification. This version provides a nexus for dealing with various revisions of the specifications of MathML. This is a W3C document for public distribution.


As the long process of development of MathML has proceeds we have a situation where we have a currently active MathML 2, a W3C Recommendation, and a new revised specification of MathML 3 which will soon be submitted to the W3C as a Candidate Recommendation. This short note lists and points to notes discussing the implementation and interoperability contexts of the versions of MathML.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 The Versions of MathML

1 Introduction

There have by now been several evolving specifications of MathML. This document provides a list of them and a jumping of point to more detailed discussions of implemantation, interoperability and compliance issues tailored to specific versions.

2 The Versions of MathML

The development of MathML started in 1996. Since that time many Drafts and Notes, and several Recommendations of the W3C have been made public as a result of work in the Math WGs or IG. The main milestone documents are listed below in reverse chronological order.

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