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This page describes how to setup an editable space under Jigsaw. Today most of the authoring tools allows you to use the PUT method of HTTP to publish a document on a web server.

In the following configuration, the editable URL will be http://your-server-host/publications.

The tutorial will go through the following steps:

  1. Configuring a PUT indexer
  2. Configuring the editable space

Configuring a PUT indexer

NOTE: Since Jigsaw2.0beta3, there is a put-indexer already configured in the distribution.

First, read the indexer documentation. When you are more familiar with indexers you can go through the following steps:

1) Create the indexer, called it put-indexer for example. In this case the ContentTypeIndexer is the most appropriate indexer class to choose.

2) The put-indexer has three nodes: content-types, directories and extensions.

NOTE: Don't forget to set all Putable flag to on (in associated HTTPFrame).

3) Save your configuration, your new put-indexer is ready.

Configuring the editable space

We choose publications as our editable directory.

1) Create the directory  <instdir>/Jigsaw/Jigsaw/WWW/publications.

2) Open a JigAdmin window (see JigAdmin documentation).

3) Create the publications resource. It should be created automatically by the default indexer,  it should be a DirectoryResource associated to an HTTPFrame (but you can use a PassDirectory with an HTTPFrame).

4) Set the putable flag of the HTTPFrame associated to publications to on. Don't forget to commit your changes.
5) Set the put-indexer as the current indexer. Commit your changes.

6) Save your configuration, now you can PUT some new documents (and some new directories) in http://your-server-host/publications/ , enjoy!