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A DirectoryResource able to create negotiated resources on the fly (as needed).

This class should be used as the basic class to export file system directories.


The DirectoryResource class inerits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The DirectoryResource defines the following attributes:

Should the directory resource automatically create resource with NegotiatedFrame? When this flag is turned to true, the directory resource will automatically create negotiable resources on top of normal resources: each time a new resource is added to the directory, the resource looks up for a resource having the new child name, but possibly different extensions. If this succeeds, either the found resource is already a negotiated resource, in which case the new child is added as one of its variant resource; otherwise (the negotiated resource doesn't exist), the directory resource creates it with only one variant (the new child resource).
This attribute is an editable BooleanAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to false.

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