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A frame that implements HTTP negotiation among a set of variant resources. This frame implements the HTTP/1.0 negotiation algorithm, which is known to be subject to some bugs.

It maintains the list of resources (by their names, see the variants attribute) among which to negotiate. It uses only the standard HTTPFrame attributes to perform the actual negotiation, which can be done based on the variants types, their natural languages, their encodings, or their character sets.


The NegotiatedFrame class inerits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The NegotiatedFrame defines the following attributes:

The set of variants to negotiate among. Each variant is given by its name, as registered in its directory resource. The variants should provide as much information as possible (e.g. their quality, their content encodings, content language, etc.)
This attribute is an editable StringArrayAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to null.

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