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The directory resource is the basic resource to export file-system directories. It keeps track of all its children resources, create them dynamically if needed. This class should be used as the basic class to export file system directories.


The DirectoryResource class inerits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The DirectoryResource defines the following attributes:

The name of this DirectoryResource indexer. The indexer is an object that given some global configuration informations, tries to build default resources for files that the server doesn't know about.
This attribute is an editable StringAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to null.

Should this directory automatically keep in sync with the underlying physical directory ? The directory resource maintains a cache of its list of children, which may be outdated if the directory is changed through direct file system access. When this flag is turned to true, the directory resource will make its best effort to keep in sync with it, by adopting the following lookup algorithm: first look up children in our cache list, if this fails, check if some appropriate file exists. If such a file exists, hand it to the indexer and install the resulting resource (if any) as a new child of the directory resource.
This attribute is an editable BooleanAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to true.

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