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ISSUE-149 (edit) CLOSED Code point definition 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-150 (edit) CLOSED User agents must not support any other encodings or labels. 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-151 (edit) CLOSED This algorithm is different from the one defined in section 1.4 of Unicode Technical Standard #22 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-152 (edit) CLOSED New content and formats must exclusively use the utf-8 encoding 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-153 (edit) CLOSED Why aren't ASCII and latin1 encodings in the label list? 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-355 (edit) CLOSED Supporting files referenced rather than copied 2014-06-12 encoding 0
ISSUE-365 (edit) CLOSED iso-2022-jp decoder feedback 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-366 (edit) CLOSED Fix euc-kr 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-367 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] Perhaps support KOI8-RU instead of KOI-8 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-368 (edit) CLOSED write security considerations 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-369 (edit) CLOSED IANA transition 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-371 (edit) CLOSED Choice of encoding details 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-372 (edit) CLOSED Arithmetic Right Shift 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-373 (edit) CLOSED Chances of deployment 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-374 (edit) CLOSED Encoding false statement 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-375 (edit) CLOSED API: TextEncoder encode()'s 'stream' option appears useless 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-376 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] create a replacement encoding 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-377 (edit) CLOSED How to handle cases when no character comes between shift sequences in ISO-2022 and HZ-GB-2312 encodings 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-378 (edit) CLOSED Remove ibm866 from encoding standard 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-379 (edit) CLOSED "us-ascii" should not be an alias for "windows-1252" 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-380 (edit) CLOSED define an encoding for formerly latin1 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-381 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] Make hz-gb-2312 a label of the replacement encoding 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-382 (edit) CLOSED Allow ArrayBuffer as argument to decode() 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-385 (edit) CLOSED Per Unicode: remove "violation" notes 2014-08-19 encoding 0
ISSUE-386 (edit) CLOSED Problems with non-standard implementations of emergent scripts 2014-08-29 encoding 0
ISSUE-437 (edit) CLOSED Consider making the label for utf-8 "UTF-8" 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-438 (edit) CLOSED Encoding names should match what people actually call them 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-439 (edit) CLOSED Authors should be able to use both "utf8" and "utf-8" labels, case-insensitively 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-440 (edit) CLOSED Small fixes for TextEncoder.encode() method 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-441 (edit) CLOSED Drop JIS X 212 from ISO-2022-JP 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-442 (edit) CLOSED JIS X 201 vs US-ASCII in ISO-2022-JP 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-443 (edit) CLOSED revamp iso-2022-jp decoder/encoder 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-444 (edit) CLOSED Bunch of small fixes 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-445 (edit) CLOSED Consider changing the exceptions 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-446 (edit) CLOSED U+FFFD in euc_kr index 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-447 (edit) CLOSED Add MS932 as a label of Shift_JIS 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-448 (edit) CLOSED EUC-KR and decoding-only mapping 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-449 (edit) CLOSED handling of U+5341(and potentially other dupe points) is incompatible with Firefox, Chrome and IE 11 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-450 (edit) CLOSED " [NewObject] Uint8Array encode(optional USVStr..." 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-451 (edit) CLOSED "return continue" seems clear than only "continue" 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-452 (edit) CLOSED "USVString decode(optional BufferSource input, o..." 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-453 (edit) CLOSED Bring back gbk encoder 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-454 (edit) CLOSED Separate GBK and GB18030 even for decoding (toUnicode) 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-455 (edit) CLOSED treatment of invalid 2-byte sequence is different in different CJK encodings 2015-03-30 encoding 0

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