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Progress towards meeting SVGT 1.2 exit criteria

The following is a snapshot of our progress towards meeting all of the exit criteria for SVGT 1.2.

Dependencies on incomplete W3C specifications

Spec Status
DOM3Events WD

Specification updates

Issue Status Action taken
Open edit actions < 5 Ongoing
Open issues < 5 Ongoing

Implementation report

Issue Status Action taken
Test suite coverage Complete TestCoverage page
Test suite actions > 10 Focus of WG
Test suite creation In progress TestCoverage page


There is also a publically accessable Roadmap which lists our progress in a timeline.

We are working on a number of Modules of SVG 1.2:

Module Editor Due Date Current Version Next Version Notes
SVG Tiny 1.2 Everyone June 2007 CR PR Working on test suite
Print Grasso, Lilley Mar 2007 May 2007 Working Draft
Pinned-clip Danilo Mar 2007 - Working Draft
Media Access Events Dufourd ? WD Oct 2006 Working Draft Chris has asked Jean-Claude what a good date for the next working draft would be.
REX Danilo June 2007 WD 1.0 Oct 2006 Working Draft
Filters Dahlstrom Mar 2007 May 2007 Working Draft
Paint Servers Dahlstrom June 2007 - Working Draft
Mask/Clip Emmons June 2007 - Working Draft May be some interest in creating clips/masks outside svg
Vector Effects Lilley June 2007 - Working Draft
Compositing Grasso June 2007 - Working Draft
Accessibility Note Schepers June 2007 - Working Draft
Authoring Guidelines All June 2007 - Working Draft Chris to present a rough draft at the Libre graphics meeting in Montreal in May
Layout McCormack November 2007 - Working Draft Collecting requirements at this point
Fonts Lilley Dec 2007 - Working Draft Other groups referencing SVG reference other font specs due to limited availability of fonts - there seems to be a market need for this.

Other working group activities:

Topic Editor Due Date Current Version Next Version Notes
Full 1.1 Errata Grasso March 2007 - 1 Getting a subset of 1.1 errata to demonstrate progress
Full 1.1 Test Suite Everyone March 2007 Dec 2006 2 Fixing and adding tests in response to feedback
Tiny 1.2 Test Suite Everyone April 2007 - W3C Member prototype release Starting with ref images, doco, test harness, "draft" tests.
Tiny 1.2 Test Suite Everyone June 2007 - Public release Release after the test-fest at the face-to-face in June
Tiny 1.2 Implementation Report Everyone June 2007 - Public release Release after the test-fest at the face-to-face in June
Tiny 1.2 Late Last Call Comments Everyone June 2007 LC3 LC4 Need to review these in teleconferences

SVG Tiny 1.2 Test Suite Information

Test Review and Test Coverage pages

There are two pages that are used for test suite administration:

  • TestReview page - contains a list of all the tests that require reviewing.
  • TestCoverage page - contains information on how much of the specification is covered by the test suite.

When to use each page

When a new test is written or added to the test suite please goto the TestReview page and add the test to the review list.

When the test is approved please goto the TestCoverage page and please update the area in the TestCoverage page that the test covers.

The TestSuiteCommentsSVGMobile1.2 page lists open issues detected at the ZurichF2F2007.