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Zurich SVG F2F Meeting, June 5-8 2007

The Zurich F2F meeting will take place at the Institute of Cartography at ETH Zurich. Wireless and wired network connectivity and video projectors are available. The cartographic institute is located at the ETH Hönggerberg campus which is located approx. 25-30 minutes from the city center. Some of you might already know the location from the SVG.Open 2002. The institute and the meeting room can be found in the HIL building (next to the bus station) in floor G. The elevator in the main entrance hall of the HIL building, takes you directly up to the institute. Here is a PDF version of the campus map. Maplink

Hotel information

Our institute has special hotel rates at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon and Hotel Rigihof. If you book a room, mention that you should get this special price under the name "Institute of Cartography, Prof. Hurni" and mention the SVG F2F meeting. If you are interested in staying in one of these hotels, pleas inform me (Andreas N.) briefly, so we can inform these hotels. For most hotels you need to pay an extra city tax of CHF 2.50 per night, which is usually not included in the price. Most hotels offer WLAN access, however, in most cases for an extra fee.

  • Hotel Landhus This hotel is located close to Zurich airport and approx 15-20 minutes from ETH Hönggerberg. This is a 3 star hotel. Single rooms are 120 CHF, incl. breakfast, service and taxes. ETH Hönggerberg can be reached with Bus 29 until Glaubtenstrasse and then Bus 80 to ETH Hönggerberg. Maplink
  • Hotel Sternen Oerlikon This 3 star hotel is located in Zürich Oerlikon, situated approx. 15 minutes from Zurich airport and 15 minutes from ETH Hönggerberg. The city center can be reached by S-Bahn in 5-10 minutes. Prices for single rooms are CHF 99 to 150, depending room size, incl. taxes, excl. breakfast. The Institute of Cartography has approx. CHF15 rebate per night at this hotel. If you want to book a room at this hotel, please contact me as it has to be booked through ETH. To reach ETH Hönggerberg one can use Bus Nr. 80. Maplink
  • Hotel Rigihof This 4 star hotel is located approx. 5-10 minutes from the city center and approx. 20 minutes from ETH Hönggerberg. Our institute has a special price for this hotel: CHF 155/165/200 instead of CHF 190/210/240, incl. breakfast buffet, service and taxes. To reach ETH Hönggerberg, use Tram 9/10 to Milchbuck and then Bus 69 to ETH Hönggerberg. Maplink
  • Hotel Krone Unterstrass (Best Western) This 4 star hotel is located approx. 5 minutes from the city center and approx. 20 minutes from ETH Hönggerberg. Prices are CHF 175-200, incl. taxes/service, excl. breakfast. Tram 11 and Bus 69, or Tram 14 and Bus 69 can be used to ride to ETH Hönggerberg. Maplink
  • Hotel Glockenhof (Best Western) This 4 star hotel is located in the city center and approx. 25-30 minutes from ETH Hönggerberg. Single rooms are CHF 280, incl. taxes/service and breakfast. For reaching ETH Hönggeberg one can use Tram 11 and Bus 69, or Tram 7/14 and Bus 69. Maplink

Information on additional hotels and touristic information on Zurich can be found at the Zurich Tourism homepage.

Getting around

Zurich has an efficient public transport system. Public transport is generally more efficient and cheaper than renting a car. The VBZ webpage has more information on Zurich public transport. A 24 hour day pass is CHF 7.60 and costs the same as 2 single rides. Transfer from Zurich Airport to Zurich is 2 extra zones and can be combined with the 24 hour day pass of Zurich city. The swiss train system is also convenient and fast for visiting other cities and places in Switzerland. For those spending 1 or 2 extra days in Switzerland I can provide ideas for sightseeing and/or hiking. People renting a car be warned: there is a complex system of one-way streets in Zurich city and parking fees are high. Getting around by car in the city is in almost all cases slower than taking the public transport. There is also a special ticket available for 72 hours, called ZurichCard which includes entrance fees for museums and exhibitions, boat rides, extended zones around zurich for public transports and welcome drinks in selected restaurants. This ticket costs 34 CHF for 72 hours, or 17 CHF for 24 hours. It is especially interesting for people staying an extra day in Zurich for sightseeing or people living a little bit outside of the city (agglomeration).


As in other european countries the voltage is 220V, but Switzerland has a rather exotic 3-pin plugs/sockets. However, the narrow 2 pin standard european plugs, as commonly used for razors, laptops, etc. also fit into the 3-pin sockets. The full-size european plugs don't fit without an adapter. I will have 2-3 adapters available for converting US and European plugs, for emergency cases.


Currency is CHF. 1 CHF equals approx. 0.61 Euro and 0.82 US$. 1 Euro is approx. 1.64 CHF. 1 US$ is approx 1.21 CHF. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


There will be one hosted dinner (Wednesday or Thursday) offered by the institute. I will propose a range of restaurants, incl. indian, vegetarian and traditional swiss restaurants. For lunch breaks the university's campus restaurants can be used, which offers 4 different menues, salads and sandwiches.