Requirements for Mapping

From SVG

Elements and properties

Tiling and Layering

yes Satoru This feature should be the basic functions for World Wide Web Mapping

(See also: [1] [2] [3])

no Dirk Comments

Vector effect

yes Satoru This feature is very useful.

Shared paths

yes Satoru This feature is useful for structurization and geospatial processing of map.

Fixed-size object

Please see SVG WG Teleconference Log 28 Oct 2011 - vector effects.

KDDI implemented this feature by misunderstanding...trannsform='ref(svg,x,y)' property.

yes Satoru This feature is important for POI. POI WG might be interested.

Non-linear transformation

hmmm, Satoru Probably very useful (for Mercator). But performance issues might be raised. Especially, I think it is heavy when we want to realize SVGTL(layering) between non-linear tranformed maps and linear transformed maps which needs reverse-transformations.

User Interfaces of User Agents

Built-in User Interface

Built-in UI for mapping such as zooming, pannning, rotating, scale and compass, layer controlling. (See Implementation on WebKit)

yes Satoru This feature may be very useful for non-programmer. And HTML5's <video> elemnt has such UI and property. ASV has some of such UI. However, I think it is necessary to examine how much it is needed about UI only for mapping (scale, compass etc.).

Programming-less geolocation

Without javascript programming, scrolls so that my place is the center of the map view automatically. This function may have relation to Geolocation Working Group.

yes Satoru This feature may be useful for non-programmer. Our android and featurephone implementations has this feature.

Setting SVG views by IRI fragments using geographic(global) coordinates

Example: map.svg#svgView(global(lng,lat,w(in deg),h(in deg)))
This function might be extension of 17.3 Linking into SVG content: IRI fragments and SVG views.

yes Satoru This feature may be useful for linking to the specific area.


API for smooth transition action of zooming,pannning,rotating

Some functionality for smooth transition effects programmings for user actions such as zooming, pannning and rotating. A smooth effect may be disturbed by the redraw when a lot of shapes are being handled.

maybe Satoru This feature may be useful. But I do not have concrete method that is considered to be suitable yet. In the current implementation to WebKit, we have coped with it by less-considered temporary API. Is extension of 'suspendRedraw' suitable?

Transformation functions between global (geospatial) coordinate systems and user/viewport coordinate systems

yes Satoru This feature may be useful for programming using geolocation.

DOM access API for cascading SVG Documents

To make it accessible to child SVG documents (and grandchild... recursively), 'image' element (in case of SVGT1.2; 'animation' element) should have 'contentDocument' attribute, when child SVG document is already loaded.

yes Satoru This function is useful for programming for maps constituted by tiled or layered SVG contents.