Points of Interest (POI) Working Group

By mutual agreement, the Points of Interest work has moved from this working group to the OGC. The work there builds directly on what was done in this working group which is now closed. The documents created by the original W3C working group are maintained here for archive purposes.

Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>, W3C Data Activity Lead. June 2014

The mission of the Points of Interest Working Group, is to develop technical specifications for the representation of "Points of Interest" information on the Web.


Points of Interest data has many uses, including augmented reality browsers, location-based social networking games, geocaching, mapping, navigation systems, and many others. In addition, the group will explore how the AR industry could best use, influence and contribute to Web standards.


POI Blog Launched

The Points of Interest Blog, Interesting Points launched today. Our inaugural post is a recap of our recent face to face meeting.

We'll be posting new information on the blog periodically which will include status updates, answers to questions from the community, and questions for the community. Join us!

Points of Interest Working Group Launched

The Points of Interest Working Group launched today! Please be sure to join!


  • ( 19 SEP ) ( 22 SEP )

    POI F2F

    Boulder, CO USA

    The third POI F2F is in beautiful Boulder co-located and hosted by the Open Geospatial Consortium. We will spend three days working on a new version of the draft and getting to know our colleagues in the OGC. If you aren't a participant in the POI WG, you should join now!

  • ( 29 MAR ) ( 31 MAR )

    POI F2F

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The POI WG is holding its second face to face meeting in Amsterdam 29-31 March. If you are a participant in the POI WG, please fill out the registration form whether you are attending or not. If you aren't a participant, you should join now!