Face to Face Meetings/March 2011

From Points of Interest


The first POI F2F for 2011 will be 29-31 March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, hosted by Layar.


Please be sure to register!


The meeting will start at 10am on Tuesday and 9am on Wednesday and Thursday. Please be prepared to start on time! The Layar offices open at 8am.

The following is a rough list of topics that we will cover, the order and durations are likely to change, but on which days topics are discussed should be static.

Day 1


  • Logistics: (1h)
    • Agenda discussion
    • Planning First Public Working Draft
      • Process
      • Editor volunteer?
    • Next F2F
  • OMA Liaison statement response (.5h)
  • WG meta-issues (2h)
    • Adoption plan
    • Increasing participation

Day 2


  • Core Draft
    • Logistics for moving draft forward: (1h)
      • Where do we want to work Wiki? HTML in cvs? ReSpec.js?
      • How do we merge the disparate work we have on ID, location, categories, requirements/use cases into one cohesive draft?
      • How do we represent the format itself? XML? RDF? JSON? Non-specific with serializations to each?
    • Drafting Core (remainder of time)

Day 3


  • Core Draft
    • Drafting continued (most of remainder of time)
      • name/label
      • relationships
      • ID
  • Recap
    • Use new Word Press blog?

Day 3 minutes

Incomplete Agenda items:

  • Querying POI (move to email)
    • Should we be defining it?
    • What should it be? REST, GeoSPARQL, etc?
  • AR Vocabulary document (schedule teleconference day)
    • Overview
    • Planning
      • Editor volunteer?


The meeting will be held at the Layar offices in Amsterdam.


The Lloyd Hotel is across the street from the Layar offices.

Hotel Recommendations

We have chosen the Lloyd Hotel as the recommended accommodation. It is located directly across the street from the Layar office where we will hold our meeting.


The Lloyd hotel offers a unique concept of having rooms ranging from 1 to 5 stars. We have managed to arrange discounted rates for the POIWG F2F, which are the following:

  • 2-star room: € 102,00 a night
  • 3-star room: € 136,00 a night
  • 4-star room: € 170,00 a night
  • 5-star room: € 212,50 a night

Prices are excluding 5% tourism tax and breakfast (€17,50).


To make use of the special rates, you need to book at the hotel either by phone (020-561 36 05) during office hours (08:00-19:00) or e-mail (m.geene at lloydhotel DOT com) and mention the group booking code GF9951 (or POIWG). Their website unfortunately does not allow booking rooms using this code.

We have an option for 5 3-star rooms and 5 4-star rooms, however, other rooms can be booked (depending on availability). The option is valid until March 18th, so if possible book before that date.