SVGTL on WebKit

From SVG

KDDI's development of patch for WebKit

Download URL (12/26/2011 Opensource(LGPL))

Modified module


Modified module's Revision

Chromium r111700 (Source tarball)

Quantity of the modified source code

Modified: 8,950 lines / Total: 936,000 lines = 0.95%

Implemented functions (features)


  • <animation> (no strong use case. Because of Tiny 1.2's limitation.)
  • Dynaic document loading
  • Coordinate transformation using global(geo) coordinate system

Non Scaling Stroke

Fixed-size Object

KDDI implemented this function as ref(svg,x,y) by misunderstanding...(10/2011). And KDDI thinks fixed-size object should be standardized not as misunderstanding but as a new function.

Built-in UI for Mapping (Not yet proposed)

When a root document is SVG, Built-in UI appears automatically. On the other hand, when a root document is not SVG, Built-in UI appears by setting a 'defaultMapUI' property to the 'svg' element. (This function is implemented as a Chrome Extensions and Extended Javascript API)

  • Zooming (Implemented)
  • Panning (Implemented)
  • Rotating (API only)
  • Layer controlling (Planned)
  • Javascript API for Mapping UI (Not yet proposed)
  • For Pan/Zoom/Rotate transition effects
    From performance issues, KDDI's implementation of these effects are bit-image based. Is extended 'suspendRedraw' desired?
  • Transformation functions between Geo-coodinates and SVG local coordinates

DOM Interface

Implementation to browsers

SVGTL patched webkit was implemented to following browsers

  • Chromium / Windows
  • Android (2.1 - 3.0) default browser

Screen capture videos

Sample Contents

  • List (Vector Maps, BingMaps, OSM)