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Location and remote access



Wednesday (11th) Thursday (12th) Friday (13th) Saturday (14th)
Minutes minutes minutes minutes minutes
Chairing Cameron Cameron Erik Erik
9:00 am
Scribe: ?? Starting at 9:30 am

Agenda review

HTML entities in SVG (Doug)

Scribe: ?? Web Animations (Brian)

Related: "Time containers" entry in SVG2 Requirements list

Scribe: ??

Alpha mask proposal (Cameron)

Work on open actions

Scribe: ??

Web Animations (Brian)

10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
Scribe: ?? Mapping TF (stakagi)

Fixed-size Object

built-in UI

DOM API for accessing child documents


Progress Report : Opensource , Sample Contents

Scribe: ?? CSS Animations targeting attributes (Patrick) Scribe: ??

SVG in HTML <head> (Doug)

Shorthand presentation attribute proposal (Cameron)

SVG2 Requirements

Work on open actions

Scribe: ??

SVG2 Requirements

12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Scribe: ?? SVG2 Requirements Scribe: ?? Matrix API (Dean)

SVG Blending (Rik)

Scribe: ??

SVG milestones and planning

getBBoxOf proposal (Cameron)

Auto-sized image proposals (Cameron)

Scribe: ??

SVG2 Requirements

3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
Scribe: ?? SVG2 Requirements Scribe: ?? SVG2 Requirements Scribe: ?? Writing tests

Blending (Rik)

Assigning actions for spec review requests

SVG2 Requirements

Scribe: ??

Next F2F

5:15 pm
6:00 pm SVG Social

Scheduling constraints

  • Dean is attending only on Wednesday and Thursday, and he is interested in the Animation discussion.
  • Patrick is also probably interested in Animation, and Sydney mornings are better for US callers.