F2F/Auckland 2011/Agenda

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Location and remote access

  • Wednesday PM and Thursday AM sessions will be in the Boardroom. Dial in number TBA.
  • All other sessions will be in the Club Lounge room. Dial in number is +6493636064.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chairing Cameron Erik Cameron Erik Cameron
9:00 am
Scribe: ?? Starting at 9:30 am

Agenda review

Publishing SVG 1.1F2 (Cameron)

Scribe: ?? Integration of CSS/SVG 2D and 3D Transforms (Anthony, Patrick)

Rotation around center (Cameron)
An extension to the 'rotate()' transform item to allow rotation around a center point

Scribe: ?? Compositing (Anthony)

Advanced Gradation (Anthony)
Establishing use case and requirements for advanced gradation features

Scribe: Anthony overflow:auto behavior (Cameron, Rob?)
Looking at whether overflow:auto should behave like hidden rather than visible

Animation improvements (Brian)
Improvements to SVG animation for SVG 2

Scribe: Anthony Accessibility (Doug)

z-index (Jonathan)

10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
Scribe: ?? Publishing SVG 1.1F2 (cont.) (Cameron) Scribe: ?? SVG 2 DOM (Erik)
Ties into the SVG DOM list discussion

DOMActivate deprecation and SVG 2.0 (Doug)
(spec link)

Report on 1.1F2 testsuite status (jwatt)

Scribe: ?? WOFF in SVG 2 (Chris)

SVG Fonts (Erik)

Scribe: Anthony CSS Animation (Cameron, Patrick)
FX TF work on harmonization between SVG & CSS Animation
Scribe: Anthony CSS3 object-fit / object-position (Erik)
(email thread)

CSS3 text-overflow in svg (Erik)

Caching in offscreen buffers (Jonathan)

12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Scribe: ?? Starting an SVG 2 document (Cameron)

SVG and luminance masks (Erik)
email threads (1) (2)

Scribe: ?? Parameters (Doug) Scribe: ?? Progress on SVG IG Japan (Jun)
  • SVG JIS standardization
  • SVG Tiling and Layering
Scribe: ?? SVG 2.0 /CSS Filters Module (Erik, Patrick?) Scribe: ?? SVG Integration (Doug)

Connectors (Doug)

3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
Scribe: ?? Test framework for new tests (Erik)
Establishing new guidelines for the testsuite, and a migration strategy for the old one
Scribe: ?? Draft with the href resolutions (Doug?) Scribe: ?? SVG in EPUB3 (?)

Unresolved SVGXxxList issues (Jonathan)
Defining all the corner cases with SVGAnimatedXXXList objects and their elements, when these objects get created, when are they guaranteed to change, etc

Scribe: ?? Intrinsic Sizing Tests (Patrick?)

Automatic image sizing (Jonathan)
Removing the requirement for 'image' tags to have 'width' and 'height' attributes specified

Scribe: ?? Pointer-events processing and security (Rob?)
(email thread)

Rechartering (Doug)

Next F2F

5:15 pm Hosted dinner at 7:30 pm

Scheduling constraints

  • SVG IG Japan on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (Fujisawa-san)
  • SVG in EPUB3 on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (Fujisawa-san)
  • SVG Tiling and Layering on Wednesday (Fujisawa-san and Alex)
  • CSS/SVG animation on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (Alex)
  • Compositing on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (Alex)
  • Anything with Patrick in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday AM sessions