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SVG Fonts

To clear up any miscommunications regarding SVG Fonts in SVG, let's try to resolve on a clear plan ahead.

Proposal for SVG 2

Make SVG Tiny 1.2 Fonts required in SVG 2, but let SVG 1.1 Full fonts (and future modifications) be a separate optional module.


  • SVG fonts were included in SVG 1.0, and the subset defined in SVG Tiny 1.1 (and subsequently SVG Tiny 1.2) is widely implemented. Note that altGlyph/altGlyphDef/altGlyphRef are not part of SVG Tiny.
  • SVG Tiny fonts are easy to support, and offer a number of features not found in e.g Truetype fonts. Maps easily to existing font frameworks. Some libraries even support svg fonts out-of-the-box.
  • SVG Full fonts are more powerful and consequently more complex to support, doesn't map directly onto existing font frameworks, and have thus seen fewer implementations.