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This is the WebFonts WG wiki.

We have a Work_Plan and some notes on telcon scribing.

Mail archive

Archives of www-font and public-webfonts-wg (both public).


The next meeting is on Tuesday, Sep. 16 starting at 9:00 am at the following location: Bau Design College: Pujades, 118. 08005 Barcelona, Spain. Tel. +34 934 153 474

WOFF 1.0 spec

Editors draft and published version, and last call disposition of comments.

WOFF 2.0 spec

Editors draft.

WOFF 1.0 Test Suite

We have test plans for TestPlan-UserAgent, TestPlan-Format and TestPlan-AuthoringTool.

We also have tests for User Agents, WOFF files and Authoring tools.

WOFF 2.0 Test Suite

We have test plans for TestPlan20-UserAgent, TestPlan20-Format, TestPlan20-AuthoringTool, and TestPlan20-Decoder.

On GitHub is the source to make the tests and also compiled, ready-to-run tests.

There is an Implementation Report on WOFF2 Encoders and Decoders.