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Test Plan - Authoring Tool

Plan for testing all the assertions which apply to Authoring Tools for WOFF. The majority of these could be tested by a paired validation tool which compares an sfnt font with a woff font.

Text color highlights on this page are as follows: red text indicates questions that need to be addressed by the Working Group, gray text indicates portions of the test suite that are not yet implemented and blue text indicates initial ideas about how the tests can be presented to User Agents.


Testable by comparing the sizes in the sfnt with the size and compression status in the woff.


The MAY is untestable. compLength equal to origLength is testable with a WOFF validator.


Testable with a WOFF validator. Tested by Directory - Table Order in wofftools validator.


Testable by presenting two sfnt files, one with valid checksums and one with invalid. If the valid one created a woff and the invalid one does not, pass. Fail if woff is created by the second one. Fail if the AT fixes up the checksums? or issues a warning and offers to create woff anyway?


Testable by presenting a set of sfnt with the noted defects:

  • padding
  • hidden data
  • (checksums already tested)

Pass if the AT fails to create woff. Pass if there is a warning before creating. (Or command-line switch to force creation if defective? same thing). Fail if any are created without warning or special options.