Work Plan

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Work Plan

Discuss and finalize the WOFF specification

  • are there any features that we believe may be missing, or would be useful to add in order to make WOFF "future-proof"?
  • what is the metadata information that we believe would be good for browsers to expose to users, and whether the existing metadata fields would be sufficient to convey the information we want to see exposed?

Decide on the conformance requirements

  • whether any references to same-origin restrictions and the CORS mechanism to relax them should be part of the WOFF spec, or
  • whether it should be a separate deliverable from the group, and
  • whether this should be part of the conformance requirements.

Develop Web Font conformance spec

(see details in the WG charter )

Develop test cases for web fonts

  • develop test methodology and decide whether it is appropriate to require the presence of human observer, at least for some test cases;
  • develop the test cases and design / collect / donate / acquire (as we see appropriate) the necessary resources for web font test suite (e.g. fonts, etc.).