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Zakim telephone bridge:

    +1.617.761.6200 (Boston) or
    +  (Paris, recently changed) or
    +44.203.318.0479   (London, recently changed)
    with conference code 3668 ("FONT")

IRC irc:// or


Alternating weeks, early call or late call.

Early call

11 August

US West Coast - 07:00 US East Coast - 10:00 Central Europe - 16:00 Japan - 23:00

Late Call

4 August

US West Coast - 13:00 US East Coast - 16:00 Central Europe - 22:00 Japan - 05:00


Starting the call

trackbot, start telcon

trackbot is on the IRC channel all the time. When starting a call, it invites Zakim (for bridge and agenda management) and RRSagent (for logging and minuting)

chair: vlad

scribe: yourname

scribenick: yourircnick

New Topic

topic: something

That puts a heading in the minutes, which can be linked to. Structuring the minutes by topic is helpful when looking back on them later.


action person to whatever

creates an action


asks for the status of action 12. adds a link to the minutes.

Ending a call

zakim, list attendees

rrsagent, make minutes

rrsagent will give the link to the minutes, in html. It may take a short time (couple of minutes) to make them, before the link works.


To make a text version, which trackbot needs to look for issues and actions, append ,text to that link.


Then mail to with a link to the html minutes and the text minutes copied and pasted underneath