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News in November

Right arrow bullet W3C Hungary Office organises Web Accessibility Workshop 2008

2008-11-17: The Web Accessibility Workshop 2008 organised by the W3C Hungary Office takes place on 20 November at MTA SZTAKI, the host of the W3C Hungary Office. Andrew Arch, Web Accessibility and Ageing Specialist on WAI-AGE gives an invited presentation "Web Accessibility and Ageing". In addition, Mate Pataki, coordinator of the W3C Hungary Office gives a presentation titled "Accessibility in Mobile Environment".

Right arrow bullet China W3C Office on "2008 SOA standardization of the International Forum"

panel at the SOA event 2008-11-14: Photo from the event showing (left to right) moderator Yunyuan from CESI, Zhaohui Cheng from Primeton, Jianwei Zhu from Tongtech, Jeff Mischkinsky from WS-I, Eduardo Gutentag from OASIS, and Daniel Dardailler from W3C.

2008-11-02: W3C China Office cooperates with China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) to hold the "2008 SOA standardization of the International Forum" from November 5 to 6 in Beijing. It aims at promoting China's SOA standards development and implementation.

The forum will focus on SOA Application and Standardization in China and publish the "SOA User's Guide" which is drafted by Internet standard open laboratory (ISOL) combined with 15 domestic and international companies. It is a joint development based on SOA standards which were released by international standards organizations (such as W3C, OASIS, OMG, WS-I, and so on) and the mainstream international companies. The forum gets considerable support from Primeton, TongTech, Chinasoft International, Inspur, Shanghai Baosight Software, Kingdee Middleware, Digital China, Microsoft, IBM, Hitachi, SUN, and other domestic and international companies as well.

News in October

Right arrow bullet W3C Greece Office presence at HL7 Conference 2008

2008-10-08: The W3C Greece Office is organizing a booth at the 9 th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2008 - IHIC 2008. Office Manager Evangelos Markatos will also present a talk entitled "An Open Platform for Standardisation: WWW".

Right arrow bullet W3C Finland Office co-organizes OPAALS 2008

2008-10-08: The OPAALS 2008 conference on Digital Ecosystems, co-organised by the W3C Finnish Office, takes place 7-8 October at Tampere, Finland. W3C Associate Chairman, Daniel Dardailler, gives a keynote "Web Open Standards and Digital Ecosystems". In addition, Manager of the W3C Finnish Office, Ossi Nykänen, gives a tutorial "W3C Semantic Web technologies for the OKS".

News in September

Right arrow bullet W3C Brazil Office on RioInfo 2008

Rio de Janeiro

2008-09-18: W3C Brazil Office will be present at RioInfo 2008, conference and exhibition to be held in Rio de Janeiro from September 30 to October 2. It will be the sixth editon of RioInfo, the major event on IT in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It aims to be an open space to present and exchange new ideas and experience among entrepreneurs, business people and academics and to present new market opportunities. NIC.br, the host institution of the W3C Brazil Office, is sponsoring the event. W3C Brazil Office will have a booth inside the NIC.br exhibition area and is also supporting the keynote speaker activity. The W3C special guest, Klaus Birkenbihl, coordinator of W3C World Offices will give the keynote talk about "On the Way to the Semantic Web", on October, 2nd.

Right arrow bullet W3C Brazil Office announces its First Multistakeholder Forum on One Web

Premises of CGI.br, the host of the W3C Brazil Office

2008-09-05: Since the W3C Brazil Officepublic launch on June 4th 2008 a growing interest in W3C was expressed by some local organizations. The Office invites everybody interested in W3C to its "First Multistakeholder Forum on One Web". This Forum on the subject "One Web" will take place in Sao Paulo on September 30. with the goal to:

  • motivate organisations to participate in W3C activities as members;
  • increase the number of W3C documents translated into Portuguese language;
  • encourage government bodies to develop public policies regarding webstandards adoption.

The 1st Forum on One Web will have Klaus Birkenbihl, coordinator of W3C international Offices, as the special guest. He will give the keynote talk "On the Way to the Semantic Web".

Right arrow bullet W3C Germany and Austria Office holds its annual "W3C-Tag" (W3C Day)

Government District, Berlin

2008-09-05: The W3C Germany and Austria Office holds its annual "W3C-Tag" on September 24th in Berlin during the Xinnovations. Topic for this year will be the "Corporate Semantic Web". Though the term "Corporate Semantic Web" is catching on these days implementations are rather rare. The hurdles are significant: new technologies as well a new thinking is required, existing data have to be prepared. To convincing the management of the benefits may also be not easy.

For this year's W3C-Tag the W3C Germany and Austria Office plans to provide an introduction to the technologies as well as to show an example of a Corporate Semantic Web project for a big Organisation. Questions to be addressed are:

  • what is the benefit from a Corporate Semantic Web?
  • can we do it today?
  • what technologies are required?
  • how to efficiently prepare existing data ?

Right arrow bullet Korea Office hosts "Video on the Web 2008: When IPTV Met Web"

2008-09-05: The event on "Video on the Web 2008: When IPTV Met Web" will be held by the W3C Korea Office in Seoul on September 25th - 26th. Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C domain leader of the Interaction Domain will talk about the "W3C Video in the Web" Activity. Issues related to Video on the Web and IPTV will be discussed in the event.

News in August

Right arrow bullet Fons Kuijk is New Manager of the W3C Benelux Office

Fons Kuijk

2008-08-27: W3C welcomes Fons Kuijk as new manager of the W3C Benelux Office. Fons holds a PhD on architectures for interactive raster graphics at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Astrophysics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). From 2000 to 2003 he worked as advisor of the research group Computer Graphics at Philips Research, Eindhoven. 2001 he launched the CWI spin-off EPICTOID (later CharToon Software). Today he is doing research as member of the Distributed Multimedia Languages and Infrastructures group at CWI.

Fons is successor of Martine Roeleveldwho lead the Office since March 2007. W3C would like to thank Martine for all the effort and dedication.

Right arrow bullet W3C Spain Office announces the fourth "Fundamentos Web"

Palacio de Congresos

2008-08-11: According to the tradition, the W3C Spain Office, and the Fundación CTIC organize the annual edition of Fundamentos Web, event promoted by the Gobierno del Principado de Asturias. The event will take place in the Feria Internacional de Muestras de Asturias ( FIDMA ) at the Palacio de Congresos on October 28th - 29th.

As last years the main topics will focus on Web design and Web development with standards. This year, also Web business is included in the programme. Many international expersts such as Jesse James Garrett, or Peter-Paul Koch as well as leading professionals from Spain are among the speakers.

News in June

Right arrow bullet W3C Korea members workshop starting today

2008-06-18: W3C Korea Office holds its members workshop today in Seoul, Korea. Current members and interested companies will particiapte, and discuss on the W3C related issues. Especially, Daniel Dardailler and Charles McCathieNevile also give a talks on "W3C and Open Standards" and "W3C Web API WG activity" for Korean members. See the Web site.

Right arrow bullet 4 Events and CeBIT exhibition - quite some W3C activity in Australia during May

José Manuel Alonso talking

2008-06-16: Together with the Web Standards Group and Web Directions South the W3C Office Australia organized - or contributed to - a series of events in Australia in May. These events had a total of over 450 participants. Richard Ishida gave a "Tutorial on designing for Internationalisation" and José Manuel Alonso talked about the e-Government Activity of W3C and demonstrated it’s value.

On CeBIT Australia 2008W3C Office Australia showed a demo on testing Mobile Web Compliance for a given web site: "Would your website render correctly on a mobile phone browser?" A lot of people were interested in checking their own web sites (corporate or personal). Some education on how to implement the W3C Best Practice for Mobile Web so that web sites would render correctly on mobile devices was given. Around 100 people come tried the W3C Demo on each of the first two days alone.

News in May

Right arrow bullet W3C officially launches the Brazil W3C Office

Brazil W3C Office

2008-05-20: W3C will launch its Brazil Office on June 4th, 2008. José Manuel Alonso, W3C eGovernment Activity Lead, W3C/CTIC, Daniel Dardailler, International Relations and Offices Director, W3C Stéphane Boyera, W3C Mobile Web for Development Lead, and Demi Getschko, president, NIC.br will be speaking. The launch is part of the the Digital World Forum project (European Union's 7th Research Framework Programme - FP7) which explores how to take advantage of the new paradigm of low-cost technologies in broadband infrastructure and devices to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected. This event is integrated to the 14th CONIP e-Gov Conference to be held in São Paulo, from 2 to 5 of June, under the theme "Government 2.0".

Right arrow bullet W3C opens the new Israel W3C Office

2008-05-20: As was reported before the Israel W3C Office was moved to the Israel Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-IL). The official opening of the new Office will take place on Sunday may 25th. In the event there will be talks by Ori Idan, W3C Israel Office manager, Rimon Levy, Head of ISOC-IL, and Daniel Dardailler, W3C International Relations and Offices Director.

Right arrow bullet W3C China Office plays important role in organizing WWW2008

The Local Team of WWW2008 together with WWW2008 Conference Chair and W3C China Office manager Jinpeng Huai

2008-05-09: WWW2008 is over and can be considered as a success. The International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee (IW3C2) and Beihang University, the host of W3C China Office, held the 17th International World Wide Web Conference from April 21st to 25th, in Beijing, China. The W3C China Office, as the one of the most important internationalized departments in Beihang University, took the main responsibility of local organizing and international cooperation of WWW2008. Already in 2005, the new-founded W3C China Office started to get involved in the bidding for WWW2008. On WWW2006, Beihang University finally won the bidding, and W3C China Office gradually devoted to the preparation work for WWW2008. In addition, the W3C China Office also helped the W3C Keio Team to organize the W3C AC meeting in Beijing that took place from April 20st to 22nd. W3C would like to thank the W3C China Office for the excellent work in the context of these two events.

Right arrow bullet W3C Spain Office holds its W3C Day in Spain: Standards for Business

2008-05-07: The W3C Spain Office invites members and the community to the W3C day in Spain. The event will take place in Madrid, Spain on May 27. This event has been organized by CTIC Foundation, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and W3C Spain Office. The goal of this one-day conference is to discuss about the present and future of the Web, and share experiences from the industry regarding web standards. There are three sessions: Web for Everyone, Web on Everything and Knowledge Base, covering topics like Accessibility, Device Independency, Mobile Web and Semantic Web.

Right arrow bullet W3C China Office visits CNNIC

From left to right: Xaling Tan, Anqi Li, Klaus Birkenbihl, Edith Birkenbihl, Guanghao Li

2008-05-05: In order to investigate opportunities for more co-operation Anqi Li from the China W3C Office and W3C Offices Coordinator Klaus Birkenbihl visited the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on April 28th. It is part of the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) which is is a subsidiary research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). CNNIC is the institution that beside some other Internet related work administers the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) ".cn" which soon will be the largest ccTLD in the world. Among other topics the role of the Domain Name System(DNS), internationalization of domain names, Internet Keywords (a naming system administered by CNNIC) where discussed. Mutual participation and exchange of speakers for events was identified as an option for future cooperation. (Photo credit: CNNIC)

News in April

Right arrow bullet W3C Israel Office Changes Host

Ori Idan

2008-04-15: W3C is pleased to announce that the Israel Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-IL) hosts the W3C Israel Office effective April 15th. W3C wishes to thank Michel Bercovier and Hebrew University of Jerusalem for hosting the W3C Israel Office since 1999. Michel Bercovier will still be with the W3C Office as senior advisor.

New manager of the W3C Israel Office is Ori Idan. He was a IAF (Israel Air-Force) computer programmer working mainly on Test equipment and navigational systems. After leaving the Air-Force he worked in the area of computerized measurement system. He established several companies in the area of measurement systems and microcontrollers mainly for the medical and electronics industry. In 2004 he joined Hanakor an Israeli NGO for Open source and Free Software where he was elected as management board member in 2005. Ori is very active in advocating open source and open standards in Israel. Since 2004 he is working as a free lancer consulting on open source software and web technologies. He joined ISOC-IL in 2008 mainly to advance Webstandards.

News in March

Right arrow bullet New Year's Reception of dutch ICT and Internet organisations

2008-03-07: The Benelux W3C Office was one of the hosts of a New Year's reception of dutch ICT and Internet organisations. Thogether with Nederland Internet Society, Gridforum.nl, Vereniging Open Domein, OpenDoc Société, CAR, the foundations SIDN, Vrijschrift, Oophaga and NLnet they attracted an audience of 300 people. A great opportunity to exchange ideas and to look for more future cooperation.

Right arrow bullet "Mobile Web 2.0 Week" organized by W3C Korea Office

2008-03-07: This week an event titled "Mobile Web 2.0 Week" hosted by the Korea W3C Office took place in Seoul. Several W3C Working groups met during the week. A public event named the "Mobile Wednesday Workshop" took place on March 5.

Right arrow bullet W3C Hungary Office organizes a W3C session at the Hungarian Web Conference 2008

2008-03-07: The John von Neumann Computer Society, with W3C Hungary Office as co-organizer, holds the Hungarian Web Conference 2008 on 26 April. The W3C Hungary Office organises a special session about W3C technologies with 4-6 presentations. Among the speakers will be Bert Bos from W3C, one of the inventors of CSS.

Right arrow bullet SVG Intensive Course at Tampere

Ossi Nykänen

2008-03-07: Today starts an intensive course about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) at Tampere University of Technology. Till March 13 there will be an introduction to the basic SVG technology and the related specifications. Instructor is Ossi Nykänen, head of the W3C Finland Office.

News in February

Right arrow bullet W3C Offices celebrate 10th anniversary

Photo from Offices W3C Team meeting in Sophia Antipolis

2008-02-29: Representatives of W3C Offices from all over the world met face-to-face in Sophia Antipolis to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the W3C Offices programme. Nearly all W3C Offices where present and met with W3C CEO Steve Bratt and staff from the W3C team.

Since for many representatives it was only for the first or second time that they participated in an W3C Offices face-to-face it turned out that it was a good idea to celebrate the anniversary with an informal "fun day" on Sunday Feb 24th including a visit to a parc and the beach. Members from the W3C team and former head of Offices Klaus Herman and Bob Hopgood joined the group.

Monday started with 2 talks about history and achievements of the Offices Programme so far. Furthermore on the agenda were: a discussion how to restructure and improve the Offices programme to meet future requirements, learning about new ideas in HTML 5, discussing means of cooperation and communications with each other, review of recent plans, learning about standardisation outside W3C, about ICANN and DNS, and discussing W3C's e-Gov plans.

The open discussion at the end was well used to share experience, developments, talents and best practices at the various Offices.

Right arrow bullet Michael Sperberg-McQueen gives a talk at the W3C Hungary Office

Photo of CM Sperberg-McQueen

2008-02-22: Michael Sperberg-McQueen one of the creators of XML visits today the W3C Hungary Office. Following the discussion with the office staff, he gives a talk titled "Ten Years of XML, Twenty Years of SGML: Report from an unexpected success".

Right arrow bullet W3C Spain Office welcomes Lola Riera as new staff member

Photo of Lola

2008-02-07: The W3C Spain Office has a new staff member. Lola Riera joined the office at CTIC and will work on communications and translations. Lola has worked as communications staff for several companies in Spain mainly in the tourist sector. She has also some background in translating.

News in January

Right arrow bullet New staff member at the W3C Hungary Office

Photo of Viktor

2008-01-11: Éva Megyaszai who served as co-ordinator of the Hungary W3C Office since it was launched in April 2002 left the Office last December. W3C would like to thank her for nearly 6 years of great help and support.

Her successor in the Office is Viktor Richter who graduated as a mechanical engineer at the Technical University of Budapest in 1989. He works for MTA SZTAKI since 1993 at the Conference Department. He has been involved in the organization or management of more than 100 international conferences like e.g. the WWW2003. Between 1993 and 2001 he served as the general secretary of the Federation of the Hungarian Event Organizers.

Right arrow bullet Seungyun Lee becomes new manager of the W3C Korea Office

Photo of Seungyun

2008-01-10: Effective January 1st 2008 Dr. Seungyun Lee becomes new manager of the W3C Korea Office. He takes over from Dr. Kishik Park who was the Office manager since it was launched in April 2002. W3C would like to thank Dr. Kishik Park for his great support for W3C.

Dr. Seungyun Lee has been working for ETRI since 1999. He started in Protocol Engineering Center to develop the technology and standards for Next Generation Internet Protocol. He is team leader of the Service Convergence Standards Research Team in Protocol Engineering Center dealing with the Next Generation Web. He has also been actively involved in a long list of international and domestic standardization activities including the following activites: working with IETF since 2000 produced the 1st RFC in Korea (RFC3338), working with ITU-T since 2005 to develop the web-based convergence service standard in NGN environment, being Rapporteur of IRT (Internet Related Topic) EG (Expert Group) at ASTAP. Recently, he has lead the foundation of the Mobile Web 2.0 Forum in Korea and he is in charge of MobileOK Task Force of Mobile Web 2.0 Forum.

Seungyun Lee will be supported by his deputy Office manager Kangchan Lee who has this position since the Office was launched.

Office Presentations in 2008

Klaus Birkenbihl, Coordinator of Offices.
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