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News in December

Right arrow bulletW3C Day at the Evolve Conference 2004

2004-12-07: The W3C Australian Office organizes a W3C Day, as part of the Evolve Conference 2004 in Brisbane, Australia. Created to showcase W3C activities and local membership involvement in the W3C, the W3C Day provides overviews and information on the topical activities in W3C domains of interest to Australian IT professionals. This year’s program highlights the Semantic Web, with presentation from experts from Australia, Europe, and the United States.

News in November

Right arrow bulletNew Staff Member at the W3C Office for Austria and Germany

2004-11-06: The W3C Office for Austria and Germany is pleased to announce that Thomas Tikwinski has joined the Staff of the Office. Thomas has been working with Fraunhofer IMK for four years now, concentrating mainly on the development of open standards in the area of interactive TV (DVB/MHP). Before joining IMK he took a degree in Business and Computer Science at the University of Bamberg. He already has experience with some of the major W3C standards, maintaining one of the first of the thousand German WWW servers back in ’93, teaching HTML/CSS during his study years, and working with XML/XSL in most of his more recent projects, some of which he lead as project manager. W3C welcomes Thomas as part of its Office staff.

Right arrow bulletSpanish W3C Standards Tour 2004

2004-11-03: The W3C Spanish Office organizes a "W3C Standards Tour" around different Universities in Spain from the 3rd to the 26th of November. The goal of this tour is to make the work of W3C known, to establish contact with researchers at Universities in Spain and to promote the use of W3C Technologies among students.

The Tour is organized with the help of an environmental friendly bus that will make stops of one or two days in various cities in Spain. The bus has access facilities for people with disabilities, 14 multimedia equipments, where demos of W3C Technologies will be available, projection equipment, videoconference and Internet connectivity via satellite. At the same time, conferences about W3C Technologies and meetings with researchers will take place at the host Universities. For further details and the detailed programme see the Tour pages in English or in Spanish.

News in October

Right arrow bulletW3C day in Berlin, Germany

2004-10-13: The W3C Office in Germany and Austria organizes once a year a “W3C-Tag” (“W3C day”). Last years’ event was on the Net.Object Days in Erfurt, this year the event will be embedded in the "Berliner XML Tage" and held on October 13th in Berlin. The W3C day is an opportunity for friends of W3C, W3C members, and W3C team members to meet and discuss recent topics.

Presentations this year will concentrate on “Web Services” (morning) and “Multimodal Web” (afternoon) and will be held by Carine Bournez (W3C), Ingo Melzer (Daimler Chrysler Research, Ulm), Philipp Hoschka (W3C), Florian Wegscheider (FTW, Vienna), Christel Müller (Telekom, Berlin), and Klaus Birkenbihl (W3C Office in Germany and Austria). More information (some in German and some in English) on the meeting homepage.

Right arrow bulletPublic Presentation of C.M. Sperberg-McQueen at the W3C German and Austrian Office

2004-10-01: The W3C Office in Germany and Austria organizes a public presentation in Sankt Augustin, Germany, on the topic “Meaning and Interpretation of Markup”.

News in September

Right arrow bulletGreek Office’s Participation at the International Trade Fair, Thessalonica

2004-09-24: The W3C Greek Office participated at the 69th Annual International Trade Fair, held in Thessalonica, Greece, on 10-19 September 2004. The W3C booth was visited by a number of personalities from the political, business, and academic communities, including the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis. Professor Evangelos Markatos, the manager of the W3C Greek Office, showed various demonstrations and informed the visitors about W3C in general. For further information, please visit the detailed information on the Office’s Web site

Right arrow bulletReport on the One Day Semantic Web Event in Sweden

2004-09-09: The Swedish W3C Office organized a successful one day event ontologies, on August 31, 2004, with special focus on the use of ontologies. More than 90 participants from Sweden attended. A number of topics were covered, ranging from aspects on Semantic Web technologies, over application of ontological modelling in tools for special domains, to perspectives on terminological frameworks. As a complement to ordinary presentations, a poster exhibition was also organised — covering six different national R&D projects where ontology played a major role. Among others, presentations were given by Olle Olsson (Swedish W3C Office) and Ivan Herman (W3C). Documentation from the conference (available on the Web site of the conference) is in Swedish with the exception of two slide sets in English.

News in August

Right arrow bulletOne Day Semantic Web Event in Sweden

2004-08-31: The Swedish W3C Office organizes a one day event on the use of ontologies, on August 31, 2004. This event, entitled "Ontologies at Work" targets practitioners in industry and the public sector, and will serve as a forum for mutual exchange of experiences in the field — the cross-section of conceptual analysis and information technology. In addition to presentations from industry and academia, presentations are also given by representatives of the Swedish W3C Office and of the W3C Team. The main language of the event is in Swedish.

Right arrow bulletNew Staff Member in the Hong Kong Office

Picture Yin-Tik Que in the HK Office

2004-08-04: Yin-Tik Que has joined the staff of the Hong Kong Office. He received a MPhil degree in Mathematics from HKUST since 2003. He joined the Department of Computer Science at HKUST (the hosting institution of the Hong Kong Office) to work as a technical assistant in August 2004. Concurrently, he is working as a project assistant for the W3C office in Hong Kong. He is responsible for the maintenance of the Hong Kong W3C official website.

News in July

Right arrow bulletStaff Changes in the Hungarian Office

Picture of Gergo and Andris from the Hu office

1 July, 2004: Nóra Vásárhelyi, who served as a coordinator for the W3C Hungarian Office, left the hosting institution of the Office (SZTAKI) on the 1st July, and hence the staff of the W3C Hungarian Office, too. W3C is grateful for her dedication and for the time she has given to W3C and wishes her success in her new work. Staffing of the office will be done by two new Office staff members: Gergő Kiss and András Déri.

Gergő Kiss got his degree of “Engineer in Informatics” at the Technical University of Budapest in 1997. Since then he has been working for the Department of Distributed Systems of MTA SZTAKI (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Computer and Automation Research Institute), with a temporary stay of a year at the University of Geneva, where he worked in the field of computer graphics and physics simulation. His present work consists of programming of web applications and homepages as well as doing graphics related tasks.

András Déri is a system designer, developer, graphical designer and marketing adviser at the Department of Distributed Systems of MTA SZTAKI. He graduated at the Bánki Donát Technical College as Informatics System Designer. He then graduated at the Budapest Economic College as Economist Expert Engineer. His duties at the department are system design, analyse, developing and graphical design.

News in June

Right arrow bulletW3C Benelux Office and ISOC Belgium sign Memorandum of Understanding

Picture of Frank and the ISOC Belgium counterpart

11 June, 2004: The W3C Benelux Office and ISOC Belgium signed on 11 June 2004 in Gent (Belgium) a Memorandum of Understanding for co-operation in Belgium and Luxembourg. The objective is to create a better awareness of W3C and W3C Recommendations in these countries. ISOC Belgium will assist the W3C Benelux Office with organising events in Belgium and Luxembourg and will also be carrying out PR activities for W3C.

News in May

Right arrow bulletHalf Day XML Schema Event in Sweden

The W3C Swedish Office organizes a half-day event entitled "XML Schema in practice" in Kista, Sweden, on the 18th of May. The event will include a number of presentations from the local technical community. Please, consult the Web Site of the Event for further details.

News in April

Right arrow bulletTrainees join the W3C Spanish Office staff

21 April, 2004 The W3C Spanish Office is pleased to announce that two trainees have just joined the Office. After a arduous selection procedure, due to the large number of applicants, grants were awarded to:

  • Encarnación Quesada Ruiz (grant for translations)
  • Carlos Iglesias Moro (Web standards grant)

The Spanish Office wishes to thank all applicants and congratulate them for the high level shown during the selection procedure. It also wishes to thank the grant sponsors and W3C Member, Fundación Ramón Areces, for their generosity and support.

Right arrow bulletW3C Workshop Series in Australia

19 April, 2004: the W3C Australian Office organizes a series of free W3C Workshops in May and June, with the participation of the staff of the W3C Australian Offices and of the W3C Team. The series include events in Canberra, on the 7th of May, in Adelaide, on the 17th of June, and in Hobart, on the 18th of June. The presentations at the Workshop concentrate on various aspects of W3C technologies, including XForms, Semantic Web, Voice, etc. Please, consult the sites of the individual events to register.

Right arrow bulletChanges at the W3C Hong Kong Office

Picture of Eva Tam

13 April, 2004: the current administrator of the Hong Kong Office, Yammie Yuen, leaves the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and hence the W3C Hong Kong Office. Yammie has been with the Office since its creation, and played an unvaluable role in providing a presence of W3C in Hong Kong and, lately, in mainland China. W3C is grateful for her dedication and for the time she has given to W3C and wishes her success in her new work.

The new administrator of the W3C Hong Kong Office is Eva Tam. Eva has been working as an Executive Officer at the Department of Computer Science of the University since 1994. She will handle all membership related matters and coordinate the office’s activities in future. W3C welcomes Eva as part of the W3C Offices’ staff.

Right arrow bulletChanges at the W3C Spanish Office

Picture of Jose

1 April, 2004: Since its creation, the Spanish Office was hosted by FICYT (“Fundación para el Fomento de la Investigación Científica y la Tecnología” . However, the importance of the information society projects at FICYT has increased considerably and the decentralization of such activities has become unavoidable. With this aim in mind, a new foundation has been created, called the “Centro Technológico de la Información y la Comunicación” (Technological Centre for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies, CTIC) to which all the IT related projects of FICYT have been transferred, including the W3C Spanish Office. CTIC also gains the property of a brand new building in the Scientific Park in Gijón, Asturias, where its head office and the W3C Spanish Office are now located.

As a consequence of this change, the current manager of the W3C Office, Francisco Sanchez, has decided to retire as manager due to many other responsabilities he is holding at FICYT, although he will stay as an associate to the Office. Francisco was the main force behind the creation of the Spanish Office in 2003, and it is largely due to his dedication that the Office could be launched successfully in October 2003. W3C wishes to express its gratitude for the work and time he has given to W3C so far, and hopes to see him on various W3C related events in the future.

José Manuel Alonso, who joined the Office as Technical Staff several months ago, will act as the new Office Manager. Before joining the W3C Office, José worked at the Research and Innovation departments at the University of Oviedo, and at several other companies as a researcher, developer, and teacher. He was involved in the development of three e-learning management systems, and has also participated in some projects at the Apache Software Foundation. His research interests included Web standards, usability and learning objects, areas where he has authored some publications and taught several seminars. W3C is sure that his energy and dedication will ensure the success of the Office in future, and welcomes him as a new Office Manager.

News in March

Right arrow bulletW3C Day in Israel

9 March 2004: On the 9th of March 2004 a W3C event will take place in Tel Aviv, organised by the Israeli W3C Office. The subject is “WWW the Semantic Web”. The event is taking place in the Dan Panorama Hotel, in Tel Aviv. Please, refer to the page of the event (or the same page in Hebrew) for further details.

Right arrow bullet Web Services Symposium in Hong Kong

25 March 2004: On 25 March 2004, an one-day Web Services Symposium will take place at HKPC. The event is organized by the W3C Office in Hong Kong. Please refer to the page of the event for further details.

News in February

Right arrow bullet Semantic Web Workshop in Hungary

26 February 2004: the W3C Hungarian Office organizes a one-day workshop on Ontologies and Metadata, in cooperation with MTA SZTAKI, the hosting institution of the W3C Office, and the Programme Office of the National Digital Archives. The event is taking place at MTA SZTAKI. Please, refer to the home page of the W3C Hungarian Office for more details.

Office Presentations in 2004

Klaus Birkenbihl, Coordinator of Offices.
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