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News in November

Right arrow bullet Martha Merzbach new staff member in Germany and Austria W3C Office

Photo of Martha

2007-11-14: W3C welcomes Martha Merzbach as a new staff member of the W3C Germany and Austria Office. Martha was trained as a Math. Technical Assistant at former GMD and worked for many years as web programmer in GMD and Fraunhofer. Martha will support Thomas Tikwinski the manager of the W3C Germany and Austria Office.

News in October

Right arrow bullet W3C Opens Brazil Office

Premises of the Brazil Office

2007-10-30: W3C is pleased to announce the launch of the W3C Brazil Office, hosted by the NIC.br (Brazilian Network Information Center) institute, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Vagner Diniz is Office Manager. W3C looks forward to increasing interaction with the Portuguese-speaking community through this Office, its first in South America. The IT landscape in Brazil aligns with exciting current trends at W3C such as mobile Web, Web applications and video on the Web. Read the press release.

Right arrow bullet Amit Parashar new manager of the W3C Australia Office

Photo of Amit

2007-10-30: W3C congratulates Amit Parashar for becoming the new Manager of the Australia Office, and thanks Ross Ackland for his successful leadership and initiatives at the Office all these years, among others the launch of a W3C day in Australia. Prior to joining W3C Australia Office in July 2007, Amit was the manager of an Australian Government initiative to develop a Spatial Data Infrastructure based on service oriented architecture principles and standards. He has a BSc in Computer Science from University of Tasmania, and he is interested in management of intellectual property on the web and semantic web. Ross will remain as Deputy Office Manager.

Right arrow bullet New staff member in W3C Office India

Photo of Jagmohan

2007-10-04: W3C welcomes Jagmohan Prashar as a new staff member of the W3C India Office. Jagmohan holds a PG Diploma from CDAC and a B. Tech Computer Science from U.P. Technical University Lucknow. During the last 2 years he worked already with CDAC Noida on different projects majorly on Multilingual Computing. Jagmohan will support VN Shukla the manager of the W3C India Office.

News in September

Right arrow bulletChinese W3C Offices merge

Vincent Shen

2007-09-24: On October 1st, 2007 the W3C Office in Hong Kong, hosted by HKUST, will merge with the W3C China Office in Beijing, hosted at the School of Computer Science & Engineering of Beihang University. Opened a year and a half ago, W3C Mainland China Office will now become W3C's main point of contact for this very large community. W3C welcomes this evolution and the new regional partnership between these two organizations, put in place to help broaden W3C's geographical base, and encourage international participation in W3C Activities.

W3C would like to thank the Hong Kong Office Manager Prof. Vincent Shen, the administrator Eva Tam, the project assistant Yin-Tik Que Dee and the former administrator Yammie Yuen for their invaluable contributions to promote W3C's mission in this world's region.

News in July

Right arrow bulletNew staff member in W3C Australia Office

Photo of Amit

2007-07-19: W3C welcomes Amit Parashar as a new staff member of the W3C Australia Office. Amit has a BSc in Computer Science from University of Tasmania. He was the manager of an Australian Government initiative to develop a Spatial Data Infrastructure based on service oriented architecture principles and standards. He has also a strong interest in management of intellectual property on the web and the semantic web in general. Amit will support Ross Ackland the manager of the W3C Australia Office.

Right arrow bullet"W3C-Tag" in Berlin will focus on Rich Web Applications"

Photo of Berlin: Gedaechtniskirche

2007-07-17: This year's W3C-Tag" (W3C Day) organized by the W3C Office Germany and Austria will be in Berlin on September 29th. Beside an annual report about the work of W3C and the W3C Office Germany and Austria the day will focus on the subject of Rich Web Applications. W3C is working on standards that provide a stable and reliable platform for this kind of applications and will integrate these standards with the existing W3C web standards. Speakers from W3C team and from W3C members will inform about the progress made so far. As in the last years the W3C-Tag will be part of the Berliner XML-Tage (Berlin XML-Days).

Right arrow bullet W3C Spain Office hosts the '1st Conference on Mobile Web' (MWeb’07)

2007-07-13W3C Spain Office, together with Fundación CTIC and the City Council of Zaragoza, will host the 'I Jornadas de Web Móvil' ('1st Conference on Mobile Web'), also known as 'MWeb’07' (in Spanish), which will take place 12-13 September in Zaragoza, Spain, within the Spanish Conference on Computer Science (CEDI). The main objective of this event is creating a meeting point for professionals, companies, and researchers interested in the potential of a standard-based Web which is accessible from all kinds of mobile devices (phones, PDAs, handset devices, and so on). Registration for the Conference is still open. Visit the event’s home page and consult the program.

Right                          arrow bullet W3C Australia Office organises W3C SIG day on Web Directions Conference

2007-07-13 Sydney - 26 September 2007 The Web Directions South Conference held in Sidney on September 26th will host the W3C’s Special Interest Group day, in conjunction with the W3C Australia Office. It’s a whole day seminar covering the latest developments from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). One of the speakers will be Bert Boss from W3C. He will give a talk on CSS.

News in June

Right arrow bullet W3C Spain Office organises "Fundamentos Web" for the third time

2007-06-27 The W3C Spain Office is pleased to present Tantek Çelik, Jeffrey Veen, Tim Berners-Lee (by video link), and other noted Web standards experts at the third edition of Fundamentos Web 2007 (Web Foundations 2007) on 3-5 October in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. Well-knowned representatives from Microsoft, Opera, Mozilla, Nokia, Konqueror, Flickr, Last FM, etc. will also present at the event. Registration for the conference, which sold out for the second time last year, is open and offers discounts for unemployed people as well as for W3C Members. Read the press release.

News in April

Right arrow bullet Official Launch of Southern African Office of W3C on May 14th 2007

2007-04-24: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announces the launch of its Southern Africa Office and invites experts in the region to join the international effort of developing Web standards at W3C. The Office is hosted by the Meraka Institute, a centre managed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa. W3C invites the public and press to attend the opening ceremony that takes place at the CSIR Convention Centre in Pretoria on 14 May 2007. Representatives from the industry and academic leaders in Southern Africa will speak on the state of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) and the W3C staff will present recent work. To attend, please send an email containing your name, designation, company and contact details to Dikeledi Moche at +27 12 841 2110 .

News in March

Right arrow bulletMartine Roeleveld is new Manager of the Benelux W3C Office

Martines Photograph

2007-03-01: After working more than six years as manager of the Benelux W3C-Office Frank Roos hands over to Martine Roeleveld. Frank led the office since January 2001 and was responsible for the extension of the former Netherlands to the Benelux office. W3C thanks Frank for all the successful work. Martine worked as Public Relations Officer and Scientific Reporter for the BRICKS research project (Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society) at CWI (the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands) before. W3C welcomes her as new manager of the Benelux Office and wishes her success in her new work.

Right arrow bulletHungarian office is coorganizer of the next Hungarian Web Conference

2007-03-01: Together with the NJSZT (Janos Neumann Computer Science Association) the Hungarian W3C office organizes a "Webconference in Hungary (Magyarországi Web Konferencia 2007)" the second time. While the office acted last year as a professional partner it organizes this year a W3C track as well. There will be 6 presentations, about Mobile Web, WAI-ARIA, WCAG, Security and Semantic Web. Éva Megyaszai and Máté Pataki from the Hungarian W3C office as well as Thomas Roessler from the W3C team will be among the speakers on this track.

News in February

Right arrow bulletOffices have their annual meeting in Sophia Antipolis

Photo from the offices meeting

2007-02-06: (from W3C Home Page News): W3C's Offices held their annual meeting on 5-6 February in Sophia Antipolis, France. Representatives of W3C's sixteen world Offices met at INRIA to discuss W3C Membership issues, Office events and new staff, outreach, and plans for the future. (Photo credit: Karl Dubost.)

News in January

Right arrow bulletEncarna Quesada is New Manager of the Spanish W3C Office

Encarna's photograph

2007-01-08: José Manuel Alonso who was manager of the Spanish office since April 2004 joined the team of W3C. He works in the Technology and Society Domain on the topic of e-government as W3C fellow sponsored by CTIC. As a consequence of this change Encarna Queseda who joined the Spanish office in April 2004 was appointed as new manager of the spanish office. W3C welcomes José in the team and is pleased to see Encarna as the new manager of the Spanish office. W3C thanks both of them for their contributions to the work of the spanish office so far.

Office Presentations in 2007

Klaus Birkenbihl, Coordinator of Offices.
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