Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Conference Broadcast

During the conference, live interactive audio and video will be sent across the MBONE from CNIT, Paris. The MBONE (Multicast Backbone) is a virtual network built upon the Internet. It allows multiparty applications on the Internet, such as teleconferencing and group communication. Remote users with an Internet connection and appropriate software can view the conference. Remote attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers during question and answer sessions. However, it should be noted that due to anticipated volume and other technical considerations, the questions will be fielded and only a percentage will get answered.

This document is intended to as an aid for remote sites to get ready to watch the event remotely. Secondly, these pages contain information for volunteers who will be running the machines which are sending the broadcast from the conference, as well as information for presenters and session chairs of multicast sessions.

For remote attendees, please check:

For volunteers, presenters and session chairs of multicast sessions, please further check:

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Created: 22 February 1996
Last updated: 29 April 1996