Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Getting ready to receive the conference multicast

To be able to receive the conference multicast, one has to:

  2. Make sure your computer's OS supports IP multicast.
  3. Get a network multicast feed.
  4. Install the MBONE applications.

Making sure your OS is configured to understand multicast packets

Many OSs support multicast right out of the box. However, many do not. You will need to find out if your OS supports multicast. There are already many web pages which detail what needs to be done for each OS in order to get it ready for multicast. A good starting point is:
The MBONE information web kernel patch page.

Getting a network multicast feed

In order to watch or participate in MBONE events, multicast packets must be coming in to your local network. You will need to contact your internet provider to be sure that you have a multicast feed.

Getting the MBONE application software

Finally, once you have a multicast feed and your OS knows about multicast, you'll need to install the applications which take this information and let you use it. You can get this information from
the MBONE web desktop applications page. We will be broadcasting using the following software: sdr, vic, vat, and wb. All of these packages are detailed on the web desktop applications page.

Refer to the technical information page to get specific information on the software which will be used at this conference.

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Created: 22 February 1996
Last updated: 24 April 1996