Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Broadcast of Slides

In addition to audio and video broadcast, slides will be broadcast in the HTML format using the MCM-2.0 software developed by Jean-Christophe Touvet at Edelweb.

This new version of MCM uses a Java applet in a Java-Applet capable browser to establish a connection to a local multicast receiver. The later is charged of the multicast communication between multicast HTML server and local machine. The documents received through the MBONE by the local multicast receiver will be automatically fetched to the browser through the Java applet and are thus viewable by end-user.

We believe that this new facility will enlarge the scope of audience for shared Web documents on the MBONE.

MCM package is available at ftp://ftp.edelweb.fr/pub/MCM/Reflector.

To receive the broadcast of slides from the WWW5 conference, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the MCM package on a machine with MBONE feed.
  2. Run "mcm-reflector 5432" . Make sure that the TCP port 5432 is not already used. It is preferred to do it 1 hour before the session begins.
  3. Open URL "http://reflector-host:5432" in a Java-Applet capable browser. reflector-host is the host name on which the MCM reflector runs. If you get any error messages, make sure that the connection to reflector-host does not use a proxy server.
    This will give you a list of the current MCM multicast sessions. If no sessions are listed, reload this page after several minutes.
  4. Click on the session you want to join and wait till the first slide be displayed in the browser. Now you are ready to follow the presentation.
  5. Do not manipulate the browser during one session. When the speaker goes to the next slide, your browser will do that for you automatically.

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Created: 9 April 1996
Last updated: 26 April 1996